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  • hooveredbyndavis hooveredbyndavis Dec 27, 2012 10:37 AM Flag

    BO is slowly cleaning up the GOP mess


    Home prices rose for ninth straight month

    Jobless Claims Data were the best in FIVE years

    Most recent GDP reading rose over 3%

    Fax is fax!!

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    • hoover_has_a_small_weiner hoover_has_a_small_weiner Dec 27, 2012 3:28 PM Flag

      This is how much of a complete #$%$ you are hoofer.

      I do not know where you gets your twisted stats but there are more unemployed now than there has been in over 30 years. see, butt-hole, your hero, isn't counting people on unemployment, food stamps or welfare. he lies about the real facts because he knows people like you will believe anything he says and he lies like satan himself.

      The housing market was caused by basically 3 rotten liberals who have no shame, but then liberals are known for not having shame, morals, values, etc. but since you clowns believe anything they say they run with it, oh and have you checked what the housing market is today compared to what it was before the 3 liberals screwed it up? yeah, it's DOWN at 100% and over in median price markets. some much less. so WOW, your 3% on the upside is sure better then over 100% on the downside, LOL !!!!! more twisted liberal logic.

      You're going to get what you want and you wont even be smart enough to figure out how it got bad and why it is. they'll just give you a lie to believe as you continue to willingly walk straight into their trap.

      you really aren't that stupid are you? nobody can be that stupid.

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