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  • opalockamishabob opalockamishabob Feb 22, 2013 5:18 PM Flag

    NUAN Chart

    It appears as though NUAN may have put in a short-term bottom in here. The volume has finally subsided to a more tolerable [if I can use that word] number. Nothing is certain but it appears as though the dramatic selling NUAN experienced may have concluded temporarily.

    So what's next?

    Well, I've looked at historical charts and there usually is a 25% to a 40% rally from the lows. Once the high is hit, perhaps $21 best case scenario, a sell off will [probably test] bringing NUAN back to these levels. This can occur once again and then form a triple bottom. All this takes months to unfold. The chart I'm looking at is from the 2003 NASDAQ market bottom. Stocks, as well as indicies can mirror the same pattern and respond in many of the same ways.

    I wish that I had better news for the longs on this board.

    Unless something extremely positive, like a "white knight" comes along, I fear that this is the best we can look forward to for the next 10 months more or less,, given the latest CC from Ricci and his clan.

    Give yourself a break. Go out and have a good meal, some laughs. Do something fun. Let this go for the weekend. Have a good time, whatever you choose to do, please!

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    • BTW, today's current volume is 150% above normal daily volume at just a snip over 5 million. This will go on for a week or so. then the dust will settle. Without any "news" to rattle this very sensitive cage, NUAN can begin basing, but another shot at $18 is not out of the realm of possibility.

      Remember, Ricci and his ilk have an uncanny way of extracting a handful of excrement, while diving into a barrel of $100 bills.

      NUAN churns at the top and is now churning at the bottom. Never a dull moment with NUAN...

    • From your more recent posting opalocka: "Icahn has 9.3% himself; additionally, Icahn Partners MF (IPMF) LP holds 2.95%, IPMF II LP (1.16%), IPMF III LP (0.51%), Icahn Offshore LP (4.62%), Icahn Partners LP (2.8%), Icahn Capital LP (7.43%), Icahn Enterprises Holdings LP (7.43%), Icahn Enterprises G.P. Inc. (7.43%). Icahn Onshore LP, with an additional 2.8% and didn't include the 9.3%; all in all, the aggregated LPs and his personal holdings show a ballpark figure of 46.4% voting power.

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