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  • archarch_60477 archarch_60477 Nov 27, 2013 10:35 AM Flag

    anyone hear if ichan sold?

    this sucks

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    • A blog on td ameritrade stated he still owns it but i don't know how they would know

    • Class welcome to Icahn Logic 101. Let's review the handout in front of you. Mr Icahn and co. bought into Nuance to the point where he became the largest company shareholder slightly under 20%. During the accumulation period do you think Mr Icahn had numerous discussions with current management since he was given free shares totaling 60 thousand vested over several years plus 2 board seats making Mr Icahn a company insider? Now I ask you class, why would Mr Icahn sell after a disastrous quarter or why would he of bought into Nuance knowing full well the quarter and beyond were not looking good based on his management discussions before the earnings were released? Ok, you there in the front row...

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      • LOL I love it.

      • You talking to me???? OK, I'll put in my two cents (since that's all I have left). CI is fully committed to NUANCE and Ricci. He knew the perils of the earnings report and outlook. His son approved the extension to Ricci's contract. He and Ricci knew the stock would tank after the report. It is purposeful, IMHO. There was a reason Ricci didn't blow all the 500 million buyback as he knew he would get 20+ million shares out of circulation at a much cheaper price (as in yesterday). I believe the buyback was executed in full yesterday as evident by the volume. Many weak hands bailed and that's what they wanted. So CI owns 16.9% of the company and the buyback took out about 10% of the outstanding shares. That's like CI and Ricci owning over a quarter of the company. This is a power grab/redistribution of shares and only the most loyal, hardheaded retailers will benefit. Count me as one of them. I don't, however, think the stock price will appreciate any time soon. When it does move, it will be swift and substantial and only the lucky day traders will benefit.

      • It goes back to what I said in another post. This guy always has a plan B. He got a rude awakening when he went on the Board. What to do? IMO he is looking around for a buyer. That's why he is so quiet.

        Class dismissed!

    • cant believe he would actually hold a stock so far under water.

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