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  • opalockamishabob opalockamishabob Aug 17, 2014 7:36 PM Flag

    If/When CI Will Cry "uncle"...

    small caps and high risk...

    I've got to side with "jk" on this one. In an earlier post, I did feel that CI is a very shrewd investor/trader; however, ee will NOT, in my estimation, throw good money after bad. In addition, that would lead any savvy investor to also admit that CI is no fool; he knows when the cards are stacked against him. NUAN may be one such occasion for CI.

    "Voice Recognition is going to be huge..."

    If and when this happens, it's already apparent that there are other fish in this sea; this VR is no longer just a NUAN innovation and domain. Whether or not they prove to be similar to NUAN's VR is immaterial. So, to paraphrase the old adage, "while Ricci fiddles---NUAN burns".

    What DOES matter is that these "other fish" are hiring away engineers from NUAN to implement their own version [better perhaps?] than NUAN's. Who wouldn't? Look at GOOG, AMZN, MSFT or any of the other VR contenders, then compare those company's benefits to NUAN---no contest. The morale at NUAN has got to be as bad as---or worse---as the morale on this board! Ricci and BOD get millions at the expense of the employee/shareholder, while perks for the average NUAN employee get squat! The "greener pastures" analogy fits perfectly into this scenario!

    This should worry the bee-geebers out of any current NUAN shareholder Just look at some of the companies that are doing VR R&D right now; and they are doing it with R&D expenditure$ that NUAN would never even dream about investing in. How long do you think it will take them to come up with a better "mousetrap"? With that kind of money? Are you kiddin' me!?

    No, ladies and gents, from my point of view, CI is fighting against a Goliath and it's going to be a very tough slug-fest for him, I fear

    Unless CI gets the upper hand in some way, he will know [at some point?] when he's beat and cut bait. Then you will see that $9 NUAN stock price.

    I'll now gladly entertain any other rational and cogent opinions.

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    • What makes anyone think that Nuan is C.I.'s play? Maybe C.I. is letting his boy run with Nuan and is staying out of it. The kid made him big money with Netflix, so the kid's got another chance. So far, his son is not looking so smart.

    • Opal - you mentioned that "other fish" are hiring away engineers from NUAN. Even if this is true (which apparently it is), the patents, IP, and software (code and algorithms) do not transfer. Nuance has a lot of capabilities that do not go with the transfer of the engineers. If they took it with them, the companies using it would be sued and have to pay some serious fines. As a software engineer, I can assure you that it takes a very long time to build up reliable software and it is not something that is going to be easy to reproduce quickly. I had mentioned earlier, getting voice commands like "Open" or "Read Text", etc. are not going to be too hard for groups like Google to reproduce. The real money will be in the dictation and normal conversational speak that Nuance is very good at. They have a great market with the medical community and hopefully will continue. If it wasn't for the horrible management, we might actually have a company worth something.

    • "I'll now gladly entertain any other rational and cogent opinions" From me as it relates to NUANCE...have none except I disagree with your point of view that CI is fighting a Goliath. If CI wants to crush RR, he will and it won't be a slug-fest. RR is no match for Carl but I don't think he has any issues with Ricci. Maybe he's happy to wait for the turnaround that RR keeps predicting Q after Q. Funny how there were no down grades after the ER.

    • Of course, you may be correct, and it's true that the technology clock is ticking. But I do believe the next 30 days will prove you wrong. I see no overnight turnaround, but given the timeframe Icahn alluded to, change begins very soon. Good luck to all.

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      • " But I do believe the next 30 days will prove you wrong. I see no overnight turnaround,"


        Thirty days sounds very close to and "overnight turnaround" to me. Personally, I don't foresee a-n-y dramatic change in the NUAN status-quo until Ricc is out of the corner office. Regrettably, I don't see that as a possibility, until he either retires or is voted out by the BOD.

        Ricci is 57 years of age. I don't know if NUAN has a mandatory age for retirement of execs. If not, shareholders are staring at---a minimum---of EIGHT more years of Ricci mismanagement and looting of shareholder equity...unless CI has an ace up his sleeve.

    • Just waiting for something positive the next few days to help decide whether I move on as well. I am in the green so not a big deal, but very frustrating investment and I agree they probably will be surpassed in the VR biz if no one wants to deal with, or work with, this company due to management.

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      • I think things will be changing in Nuanceland in the coming weeks. I bought in at 15 and change in anticipation of the poison pill expiry and CI's 'investor activist' rep. I want to be out of this before September, as I think the market is in for a rough October.

      • "surpassed in the VR biz if no one wants to deal with, or work with, this company due to management."


        I don't believe that "dealing with management" is an issue here. What we're talking abou is the fact that NUAN runs the risk of loosing its ONLY trump card---VR---with Ricci at the helm. Software engineers [one can surmise] are being lured away from NUAN by the large cap companies I mentioned in my first post.

        NUAN company morale is lower than the morale on this board---it has to be! If I were a NUAN employee and were approached by GOOG or MSFT, I'd ink the deal the next day.

        We must NOT forget that many of the NUAN employees probably have their 401K's linked to NUAN stock. If they are in their 50's or so, you can bet they are looking at their monthly/quarterly 401K statements---seeing their hard work dwindling away, due to declining NUAN pps.

        How would you feel seeing your 401K cut in half within the past TWO YEARS?

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