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  • imho_dyodd imho_dyodd Feb 14, 2013 8:50 AM Flag

    Friday's Benevolent act by Majority shareholder needs to be thanked

    Cannot appreciate more what the majority shareholder did on Friday.
    I believe only 3 non-operational things will catapult taro to be revalued in the market:

    1. Have minority represented in the board (My vote goes out to Iszo cap)
    2. Stock buy-back
    3. Going to major investment conferences and presenting the great Taro story and great new management of Taro.

    I cannot thank enough to ALL stakeholders here for what happened here:

    1. Iszo cap(Minority)- Mr.Sheehy - For putting across minority's point of view
    2. Mr. Shangvi (Majority) - Really being thoughtful and understanding minority's point of view
    3. Mr. Kedrowski - He is one of the best ceo's and the most reasonable person. No airs of being a ceo. Great guy overall.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • How could you forget Mich Sachs of Grand Slam that his lawsuit made it very clear to Sun and Taro how serious is the minority in rejecting this offer. For me he is on the top of the list. If not for him I doubt Sun-Taro would see the writing on the wall. Indeed not long after Grand Slam had submitted the lawsuit. Taro "suspended" the Proxy vote .Aclear case of a cause and affect.

      I disagree - a buyback is not needed right now. Let, first, Taro do better investor relations as you have suggested, analysts will follow Taro. Additional investors will follow anlysts. Price go up Money still stay with company. Company's balance sheet is even stronger. Market appreciates. Narketyprices Taro higher.

      Bonevolent " , let' wait and see !

    • will personally write a letter to majority shareholder and ceo about this over the weekend and conveying my deepest gratitude and thanks for what they did on friday.

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