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  • vbunduk vbunduk Sep 23, 2011 5:56 AM Flag

    face reality

    DANG was never an amazon of china as there were bigger players who are now going public - SELL DANG

    DANG will be wiped out of the market as their competitors pour $5 billion in competitive moves and destroy DANG. - SELL

    DANG has no competitive advantage whatsoever over its competitors. GIve me one and I will change my take on DANG - SELL

    DANG's management has been quiet, why? because there is nothing to say to support their story - SELL!!!

    MORGAN STANLEY should be sued for falsely marketing DANG ... what a rip off and destrcution of reputation ...

    DANG's losing money and as they try to catch up they will run out of cash ...and be delisted - SELL


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    • Dang will be crushed near year-end when tax write offs begin.Buy early 2012.

    • Your baseless ranting just shows how vervous you are holding DANG short over the weekend! The downside for LONG DANG is less than $1 per share, but the downside for SHORT can be $5, $10 per share. A good squeez will destroy SHORTS. DANG can use its cash to buy its own shares to start the squeez! Be careful SHORTS!

    • vbunduk, please change your user name if you're changing position. You're a pump and dumb at its worst. Or at least wait til next day so people can't see your previous post when you said this will go to 12 by December.

    • Are you sure you're 41 year old, not 18? How can DANG be wiped out when there are still too much room to grow.

    • In response to your comment regarding competitive advantage, here is an excerpt from an interview with Dangdang CFO Chia-Hung Yang:

      QUESTION: In a previous interview, Qiangdong Liu, CEO of Jingdong Mall, said that his company would continue to compete vigorously with Dangdang in the field of books, stating “Dangdang’s gross margin in books is 23%, while our target on gross margin is less than 10%.” How will Dangdang cope with Jingdong Mall’s low-price competition?

      YANG: Dangdang is the absolute leader in the field of online books in China. We have not only the most comprehensive selection and the most competitive prices, but also the most experienced team. Currently, Dangdang has 120 strategic suppliers and a large number of exclusive publications. Dangdang’s brand motto and low-price guarantee has consistently impressed our customers: “Buy books on Dangdang and never lose out.” It’s very normal for price competition to arise in the publishing industry. In the past few years, Dangdang and Amazon have engaged in frequent price wars, and for many years Dangdang has ended up as the winner. Compared with, Jingdong Mall did much worse in book investment and technology. Therefore, Dangdang does not worry about the competition.

      In addition, in the book industry, where 80% of the market is still sold via retail stores, Dangdang’s bestsellers list has become the industrial benchmark. Publishers are very keen to cooperate with Dangdang and to enter Dangdang’s bestsellers list, in order to gain visibility for the 70% to 80% of sales that are offline. Dangdang’s advantage in the book industry has been built up over more than 10 years and is not easily eroded.

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