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  • trader5716 trader5716 May 27, 2012 10:25 AM Flag

    360buy is in big trouble now

    suning and gome have launched a huge price war against 360buy because a successful 360buy IPO will be a huge threat to them. DANG has lend its 3C platform to gome. 360buy will likely run out of cash by the end of the year. With DANG's less than $500M market capital, it'll be impossible for 360buy to get a $5B+ valuation. 360buy has bought a significant amount of lands in the past years, but it needs $2B to build out the warehouse. Let's hope 360buy fall off cliff soon.

    It's CFO's job to communicate with Wall Street with company's strategy and forecast. It seems DANG's CFO did a lousy job for that. He should be fired, Period.

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    • If AMAZON.CN is watching this - they should make a move to BUYOUT DANGDANG now, before the share price recovers AND then take out 360BUY >>>> BEFORE <<<<<< IT GOES PUBLIC .

      This fight in China should come down to AMAZON.CN and ALIBABA .

      All the other players should get swallowed up by the much larger players .....

    • Didn't the CEO of DANG also stated that 360buy will be running out of money soon. It would be foolish for the CEO to state that if he wasn't truthful or at least had good reasons to state that. What does this mean for DANG's pps? $15?

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