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  • howo3579 howo3579 Aug 8, 2012 6:20 PM Flag

    I'm guess their cash will increase for this qtr

    With all bull market past few months for no reason, DANG's cash will increase assuming they spent little. Too bad DANG is not Scamazon. AMZN used their investment profit to increase last qtr eps and share price jumped 20% and P/E reached new high. This gtr AMZN earning and outlook were still horrible and share price still jumped 10%. P/E now is at all time high. Dang should just changed their name to Scamazon so wall street crooks can take it to the moon.

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    • I believe It's not going to happen yet, maybe next quarter.

      The CEO even said mid-size e-commerce are running out of cash which means it's not over yet...they do not want any company to access the IPO market.

      Once a lot of DANG competitors are bankrupt, DANG stock will skyrocket!!

    • regardless...let's hope for a good report and a positive response post earnings...for once! I've never seen it happen yet.

    • Maybe margins are lower because the accountant speed up expenses via accounts payable???

      Look how accounts payable went up a lot but inventories remains stable.

      To me net loss is not a reliable amount.

    • Dang is losing money q over q..year over year---bottom line. They are not growing cash reserves period. There may be the occasional quarter where cash from operations increases primarily due to the timing of billing related activities in conjunction with the time that the earnings data is finalized. This is a mere solitary blip and one that won't be repeated q over q unless margins and or earnings improve to the positive side. I wouldn't count on net cash available increasing this q.

    • with dang losing money q after q and no positive earnings expected for another 2 years...tell me, please---how in the hell will dang increase their cash holdings? I like the potential, but I don't BS myself into the poorhouse like you seem to be doing.

    • I am guessing that revenues will have almost doubled from the previous quarter last year, just based on the web traffic spike the site saw during the period. Keep in mind 360buy and the others were at war with prices, so margins may have improved only a tad if at all. The DangDang brand may be the segment that saved the margins from shrinking. Time will tell.

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