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  • whartonmba99 whartonmba99 Oct 17, 2011 5:43 PM Flag

    give me one good reason why Occupy wall street is wrong

    go ahead...please dont quote FOX news.

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    • Because it has no purpose. What are they protesting? I have been asking for a while now, and can't get a solid answer. They seem to hate capitalism, yet they are fine reaping the benefits of capitalism. They demand justice, yet they threaten to cause problems if those arrested for punching cops and destroying property aren't freed without charges (hardly just). They seem to think Big Business is the problem, when in reality the biggest corporate problems have been with those who are in bed with Washington Politicians. Go protest in Washington, that's is where the real problem is.

    • Fuld, Thompson, Mozillo, Killinger, Cayne, Prince and a few of the other usual suspects. Only 2% of the Occupy Wall St activists could match those names to the financial institutions that have so far been bailed out to the tune of +$3 trillion against the $14.7 Trillion, current national debt. $3 Trillion!!! Bernie is in jail for life for stealing $36 Billion. Pension funds and individual retirement savings have been eviserated. NOw as part of "the Change" we have found Bernanke RE-appointed. WE have found Obama to have sold us out to these Wall St banks. Funny, do you think a Fox News Huckleberry like Huckabee could match those names to the banks either? Duh? It is more important to know how to use a PDA than to have a half a brain in your head or be able to even name the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Fox "News" ? William F Buckley had a political lean but was not a stupid ideologue stating his opinions as facts. The confiscation of the elderly's CD incomes of $600 billion a year has now given us Fred Thompson as an adjunct to the psychatric consultations of Dr Bob Wagner in the Reverse home Equity Mortgage industry to solve this "problem" for millions of seniors who can no longer pay their bills due to their incomes being confiscated by ZIRP everlasting. They were held criminally responsible for not having their money in the stock market but in safe insured CDs. They now have to be punished and harvested and punished for the preservation of these banks that still pay out hundreds of millions of dollars a year in Bonuses. Some of those bankers have fallen on tough times and had to decide on whether to sell the condo in Vail or Whistler. I just can not understand why these Occupy Wall ST folks are so angry??? Maybe their +30% credit card interest is helping BAC pay me $80 a quarter on what we spend on our credit card. Of course we do not have nor would we own a Debit Card. Why would you make a bank a jt tenant on your bank account. Fraud results in "the money being returned to your account AS EARLY AS the next day, whatever that means. Too bad if you are speaking EASL! You can not even borrow $5K to replace your deck or windows if you own your home lien free for more than 15 months at less than 10% without doing a neg amort HELOC. The banks of course after all that has happened are still pushing these HELOCs over a home improvement loan! Jeez!

    • Depends on which cause they have today. Yesterday, they wanted forgiveness of their dept - student loans and mortgages in exchange for the tarp programs for the large banks. The difference is that most of the banks have paid back their bailout money, these folks just want you and I to pay off debt they took on. I did not like the bank bailout, but FDIC would have been bankrupted if the loans were not made and now most of the loans have been repaid with interest. As for Fox News, if you do not watch the opinion shows (I can not watch Hannity even though I am pretty conservative), but their hard news at 6 and 7 is the best on television (in my opinion).

    • I have no political affiliation but FOX news is the biggest joke around..............anybody that relies on them for ACTUAL information are nothing but sheep.....

      JMO and BOL.................

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