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  • agreenview Jan 27, 2014 3:09 PM Flag

    Lab-Tested Cannabis Will Soon Be Mandatory In Colorado and All other POT states-Huge for (RIGH)-read.......

    IN TECH · U.S. — 24 JAN, 2014
    Samples being tested at Denver-based CannLab (Photo: Walter Hicky/Business Insider)Samples being tested at Denver-based CannLab (Photo: Walter Hicky/Business Insider)
    By the end of this year, all marijuana products sold in Colorado will have to be lab-tested first.

    Final rules for the state’s recreational industry require all products to be tested and labelled for THC content and contaminants by Oct. 1st.

    The system will be gradually introduced, with testing on edibles becoming mandatory as early as May.

    While sales of recreational marijuana began Jan. 1st, testing has been optional, partially due to the lack of cannabis labs. Only 3 exist right now and all are located in Denver.

    But mandatory testing means a boon for these businesses.

    Genifer Murray, owner of CannLabs, told KUNC that her facility has grown from 150 to 500 ft, and is now expanding to 2,000 ft.

    Murray also believes it’s good news for marijuana consumers, who will soon have assurance of the strength and safety of their purchases.

    Unlike most foods and drugs in the US, marijuana products are not regulated by the FDA.

    And despite the fact that #$%$ programs exist in 20 states and D.C., Colorado is among the first to introduce state-wide testing standards.

    These standards will ensure that marijuana is being sold without dangerous levels of things like E. coli, Salmonella, pesticides or solvents.

    The state has also tailored its rules to cover the growing demand for marijuana-derived products like edibles and concentrates.

    Regulators are planning to introduce a certification process for testing labs to ensure their accuracy.

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