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  • avlamal avlamal Dec 22, 2008 8:00 PM Flag

    in at .19-im so xcited

    we have a viable co earning cash flow trading at these absurd levels-what am i missing here-any input;i dont think a god dam tyhing and this should go to.35-40 very quickly

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    • At 11 cents I would be really extatic and at a penney I would probably sell my house and buy this company along with the big honcho and his grandma. I would not even hire them to bag groceries let alone make business decisions. You will get the dedicated company tattler to boot as well.

    • avalmal:
      do you normally get excited to lose all your money? MSN is a joke. The medical staffing indusrty is terrible right now. Many nurses are coming out of retirement after losing 401k value, many stay at homers are being forced back to work and many part timers are working more.
      With all the competition out there and MSN having a reputation of recruiters treating it's recruits like cattle instead of individuals, this company will never make it.
      I am very very familiar with this industry and all the ins and out of this company.
      Be careful for bankruptcy....I can only specualte at that but I wouldn't be surprised if it comes in 2009 unless this industry's market drastically increases.

    • 2009 Insider buys is a good sign. I see lots of them.

      Hopefully the insiders know what they are doing.

    • so far, alot of these people that you are bashing are trying to give you valuable insight. Take it or leave it.

    • I agree 100%. Keep in mind that 50% of employees at most companies don't even take advantage of the 401K plan at their jobs. People forget that a 401K match is a privilage not a right. I have worked for many companies in my life and only one of them offered a Simple IRA and you had to be with the company for TWO YEARS before you were even eligible.

    • Not a basher, I am a real field worker for MSN, an RN. Got notified by e-mail last week matching contributions to 401K suspended as of Jan 1st. I have had to move my services to another staffing agency. Being vested was the last thing holding me with MSN as other companies pay more and have more assignements, and match 401K's. This should be borne in mind regards the viability of this company and its stock, field workers being driven away to competitors. The staff supplied to hospitals etc.. is the life blood of a staffing agency. Taking away that 401K match, seeing the company go to the pink sheets, NO differential pay for work nightshift and weekends (paid by other agencies)... Advise investors not just to check charts, but how many field workers are being bled away. Many years with MSN, but have to move on.

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      • For the field nurse that said she is leaving MSN. I’d have to say that she is right about a few things but to remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I know first hand that MSN has an excellent customer service record and put’s there field staff first. Nurses founded the company for nurses. Sure some will leave during the restructure but those that know with the economy the way it is and that the company is here for them & is doing everything they can to stay in business so that they have choices. The only place this company can go is up. From all of us on the inside we see that & truly believe that the company will regain it’s momentum. I was myself a field staff employee before taking my current position & have never had a problem with the company and know it’s potential.

      • Do you know what branches have closed over the last two years? Or should I ask what few are left? Thanks.

    • It will be even more exciting if you put your money where mouth is. I've seen so many of these easily excited who kept screaming it was a steal at $4 and all the way down to .14

      What makes me excited though is that these arrogant managers' options are hopelessly under water now. The fact that the Board of Directors still keeps them on their bloated payroll is stunning. Move the grandma to back groceries at Publix already. When will they finally get it that for that kind of money they could have gotten someone much more intelligent and tech savvy. It smells of croniesm or this X Mafia.