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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Jan 8, 2009 4:47 PM Flag

    How do after christmas sales look?

    Everyone here is saying christmas season was a madhouse at kohls. But....when you discount everything below your cost, it should be! I am considering shorting at this price as I believe the earnings will be dismal, if not this qtr than next. To me, JC Penney is a much classier store and if some of the retailers wont survive, why should it be kohls over penneys. To me kohls is to penneys what target is to walmart. Only thing and walmart will both survive. Now I went short macys at 12.53 because they are a much classier store than both kohls and penneys but because they are overpriced they might lose a lot of customers to penneys. Sears is another place just one step above walmart in their clientel in my opinion. So anyway...has anyone been inside a kohls lately? If so say where and when. I live in delray beach florida and the kohls here seems pretty quiet. This area gets either walmart people or macys-bloomingdales people if you get my drift. There is no middle class here, really. So I cnat go by the kohls in my area.

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    • Lets forget the numbers that came out today boys. Thats the past. What is the traffic in their stores now!!!? To me, the only thing keeping these lower end retailers alive is cheap gas. If gas goes back over $3 a gallon.....goodnight! Lower class income people have an extra 50 or 60 to spend each month if gas stays this cheap. But it wont, and we all know that. FYI I am short Macys and JC penney and yes, kohls too at the close today. If Im wrong I will reshort 2 weeks before the next earnings on these 3. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiimber. This could be just a january rally. No fundamentals here.

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