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  • bottomsupinvestor bottomsupinvestor Feb 4, 2009 2:05 PM Flag

    SuperBowl 3-D

    Did anyone see the 3-D commercials on TV during the superbowl??? I was wondering how they looked. Maybe this get the movie industry moving on the transition.

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    • <Did anyone see the 3-D commercials on TV during the superbowl>

      They were okay. Technology is different than digital theaters though. Used colored filter lenses as opposed to polarized that is used in theatrical production. Could stimulate some interest I guess.

      I did see Bolt 3D and the effect was truly impressive. Not sure if it was worth the premium on the ticket - but someone must think it is. I do think this will be profitable moving forward - and there are a significant number of movies coming out this year in 3D - but I don't expect the big rollout on conversions we were hoping for a year or 2 ago.

      You still holding your NLY? Earnings seem a bit disappointing on the 6 cent miss - but considering background - looks like the dividend will be safe for 2009. Should be an interesting CC today though. Good luck on both of these issues!

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      • I saw Journey to the Center of the Earth. I thought the movie was mediocre but the 3-D really added to the experience.

        Thanks again for your lead on NLY. I owe you a beer or libation of your choice. I did sell off a portion of my NLY after the CC. There were 3 things that bothered me.

        1) The spread at the end of Q4 dropped down to 0.95. This may be meaningless as a single point in time especially with the current volatility. If this is appropriate going forward, then I would expect earnings/dividends to hit in the 0.3X range per quarter. Not a big deal but less than talked about.
        2) At the end of the CC, a questioner asked about spreads since the fed is talking about 4 to 4.5% mortgages. He said something to the effect that spreads wouldn't be a big deal but rather what would happen to loan values when rates go to 8%. I think we are clearly in a deflationary mode and this isn't a significant risk but it is a risk.
        3) There has been small insider buying of the preferred stock. With the high yield on the common, I don't know why one would buy the preffered unless it is expected for the common dividend to come down. It was a small buy so it is probably not significant.

        Please don't take my points seriously since I probably don't know what I am talking about. This is an area that I know very little about which is probably a good reason for me to scale back a little.

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