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  • unclebobbyrednecker unclebobbyrednecker Feb 13, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

    Quarterly Loss Bigger than I estimated

    Fellars, lookyherenow, the losses jest keep pilin' up............-32 cents/share the past quarter. Revnue was better'n I figgered at $156.3 million, yet gross margin was down to 5.1% Nowthen they caint blame it all on sevrance costs to two executives who they paid own $500,000 in the quarter as that still leaves a loss of $1.1 million from operations ($1.6 million loss minus $500,000 for sevrance= $1.1 million.)

    Innerstin' #$%$ from Bob O'Malley especially in his second sentence...."Revenues returned to levels of a year ago. We have cut expenses while streamlining our U.S. organization, aligning it around opportunities in the retail and technology integration channels we have targeted."..... Maybe you have cut expenses in operations, but have you cut expenses with regard to the board's perks??? What a laugher!!!! I jest find it simply amazin' that you can have $156.3 million in sales and still lose $1.6 million ((with $500,000 bein' sevrance payments). How can you do that? What does that make 3 quarters of losses in a row? It is likely that the next one will be a loser as well as they lost $1.1 million from operations. Wonder how much the board made the past 3 months??

    Still blieve we'll see the stock tank to $2.00 or under by mid-May. O'Malley might be a good guy, but it seems like the poor fellar is workin' again' the market fer products and the board that sucks away the profits. Sub-$2 stock price here we go by mid-May??? I think it is posserble unless a course the board resigns or takes a hiatus from thar gravy train? Still on the sidelines, my 2 cents worth taday......

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