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  • rorystreamer rorystreamer Jul 23, 2013 2:11 PM Flag

    $DOMK is the worst investment you can make

    BUYER BEWARE. Pure scam. These guys are crooks. Product after product, they hype. Pure pump and dump. DO not invest you will lose your money. Call the office. Talk to them personally. Then ask yourself "Was I talking to the CEO of a $3M market cap company?" which is pathetic at $3M, or the janitor. That is because they are the same. He has to clean is 500 sq ft office. Google map it, its a jewel. Very professional next to a Quicken Loans. Classy.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • There are only 40.3 Million shares; I thought pump & dumps only worked when there were large volumes of shares available. So this stock could hit $4.00 like Biozoom (BIZM) did back in June? Or $10.00 like Lithium Exploration Group Inc. (LEXG) back in 2011. These types of stocks shouldn't be kept for very long anyways, hence fourth pump & dumps/Strong Sell. I could use some extra cash; I'll throw some spare change at it.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Man, you are one stupid person. This POS is going's garbage. The one and only employee is nothing but a shyster.

      • Well when you understand the penny pump and dump scheme you can actually determine a beginning and then sell off before the herd does. All I am saying is that there was a solar Ipad case/charger that was supposed to revolutionize the industry and got pumped to $4 and now its $0.10. Great. Fast forward to now, new product.. phone pad or something and doing the same thing. All good if you decide to pull trigger, however most that pumped and dumped this company wont do it again. It was over 6 months to get a press release and its now filled with this BS. I was just trying to warn the elderly and the inexperienced. Good luck tho. $XUII might work for you. That is another. But if you want a great longterm spec $MEDL and $ONCS possibly $ISR for a buyout and $OCZ for a risk vs reward. good luck

        Sentiment: Strong Sell