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  • jbbear1929 jbbear1929 Jul 4, 2011 3:40 AM Flag

    Wall Street Will Destroy Itself

    They are busting unions, outsourcing jobs for cheap labor, and suppressing wages. For now they are profiting from this but in the long run they will lose out when the middle class who spend the money to keep things rolling will be broke and a revolution takes over. Greed always loses in the end because there's power in the majority that they underestimate until it's too late for them.

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    • Will never happen, WallStreet is an IBM computer program that's loaded with momentum models to push stocks higher, beyond anyone's comprehension. Analysts are clowned around as talking heads to support the rational behind the IBM buy programs. Analysts will tell you all day on CNBC and CNN that worldwide demand is what's really important and toss out the US consumer and toss out the US demand for US goods and services...."it's not what's driving profits for US Public's all in the business we're doing Abroad". You and everyone else who's negative right now need to get this straight or you're going to lose alot of your hard earning money by trying to short an IBM computer buying program that is set to hit 1,450 on the S&P 500 and 2,950 on the Nasdaq. Beleive it, it's true. My brother is one of the IBM mainframe software programmers in NY. I'm super long with TQQQ and UPRO...went longer on pullback this morning. Will go longer still on further pullbacks. WE'RE HEADING HIGHER HOUSTON!!!

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