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  • run35ok run35ok Dec 21, 2003 10:05 AM Flag

    KRP deal

    I don't know who you are, what you do, and why you left INVX after 15 years, but your reasoning, attitudes, and lecturing leave a lot to be desired. If you made $1 million, God bless you. Frankly I don't believe it, seeing the contents of your writings. Just don't lecture others who are not as brilliant as you are.

    Now to INVX. The fact stands that lead wire assembly business was dying. This management had the foresight to reinvent the company, bring in new products, put together a strategy on competitiion with rival producers, and get back into the black. I'd say that's damn good performance. Where they wind up in 3-5 years is anybody's guess. But they HAVE a plan. My comment on lousy execution was directed to the purchase of ADFLEX and some others before that. They don't seem to look deep into a purchase before jumping in. And that's why I'm concerned about the KRP deal.

    BTW: I have no clue what the term "LOL" I see on this board means. I assume it stands for "Last Of Loosers". Maybe someone else can clue me in. Incidentally, you sound just like another poster on this board by the alias of bybyinvx. He worked for INVX for 15 yrs. Could that be you again?

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    • Stockmaker6 did not work for INVX. Atleast he did not say so and he claims to have made a million.

      On yahoo LOL implies Lots Of Laughter.

      cartanor worked for 15 years and left innovex.In my opinion is is a short masquerading as a long.

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      • It will be soon INVX will announce their decision on KRP. Until the decision is announced the stock is likely stay flat or down because of the uncertainty.

        One good thing in INVX's right for the 25% acquisition is that the stock awap is based on the average price for the preceding 90 days. It means that the current weakness of the stock has only minimal impact on the number of INVX share to be issued to KRP shareholders for the 25%.