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  • run35ok run35ok Mar 28, 2004 8:51 AM Flag

    MCTR !!!

    Calling people names usually reflects on the person doing the calling. Your thinking is misguided and no offense intended.

    Now to INVX. I don't know about you, but long term to me is at least 3-5 years. For me, they are at the 3 year point. I don't worry about the stock going to 5 or 4 as long as the fundamentals remain unchanged. I don't see the institutions deleting their positions. They own half of the company. Neither do I see insiders unloading. Instead, they have been buying and they know a lot more than me or you. So should it get there, and I hope it does not, I want to double up and sit on it for a killing. One thing I learned from a sister who made a ton of money. If you can't stomach the ups and downs, you should not be in the market. Hope this helps your thinking.