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    My post IHUB deleted....

    Post Date: 12/23/2011 2:46:50 PM in reply to 70241652 by sleepy17
    Board: Treaty Energy Corp Reason: Personal Attack
    You won't be getting news everyday on Belize. It's not prudent. You need to understand that.

    Certain groups in Belize latch on the news and make work untimely, difficult and expensive.

    My vote is no news until we have something material to report. Like oil being hit.

    Rest assured that Treaty is working, doing everything possible to hit oil.

    TECO is not here to service the trader with constant news, to steal 1/10 pennies form the long term shareholders. Remember everyones future rest in the stock, including management. Prudence dictates that we walk softly.

    To answer some stock challenged/SEC filings readers questions , TECO had to get moving in Belize or lose the the right to drill.

    Some around here are insinuating TECO is doing paid promotions. This is patently false.

    Some around here are insinuating the TECO is pinksheet when a quick look will reveal, OTC QB, fully reporting and current. This person suffers from poor mental liquidity and is stock listing, challenged.

    Some around are insinuating, a lack of liquidity. You don't use the volume the 2 days before Christmas break to determine liquidity. This person has to be stock/liquidity challenged.

    I often wondered, why BNE wasn't drilling. I found out they no longer can drill. I believe that puts TECO in a enviable position as the sole driller in Belize.

    Belize Natural Energy (BNE) was founded on the deep rooted belief that the country of Belize is blessed with sufficient oil and gas resources to positively transform the entire country.

    In June 2005, BNE struck oil in the Cayo District of Belize while drilling its first exploration well, the Mike Usher No. 1 well. The February 1, 2009 engineering report indicates that the current proved developed producing reserves in the Spanish Lookout Field are in the order of some 10.74 million barrels of crude oil. As of May, 2011, production from eleven (11) producing wells in the Spanish Lookout Field was on the average of 4,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

    All the requisite infrastructure (pipelines, storage tanks, port facilities, etc.) coupled with the support systems and corporate structure have either been completed or are in the final phase of completion. Operations are now smooth and efficient.

    Even though BNE is still in its early stages of development, our efforts have made a significant impact on the socio-economic development of Belize through income and employment generation, foreign exchange earnings, health and education support activities, and community development.

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