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  • mnymkr4u mnymkr4u May 9, 2012 6:51 PM Flag

    Selling Hotel Ad's on Client's Home Page

    As a client (+$600 per year for VRBO and Homeaway subscription), and a shareholder- I am disappointed that AWAY has sold out for a short-term revenue opportunity, selling hotel banner ad's on a website who's core existence is facilitating the rental of homes/condo's as an alternative to hotel stay and would not only sell banner ads- but hotels that are direct competitors to the house in that specific location. For example- my house is located in Mexico, the hotel discount banner ad on my home page is for hotels that are within miles of my house- a great "win" for the hotel... not so much for me. I hope the executive team is looking at these revenue opportunites in a long-term strategic basis recognizing this compromises their core product proposition, revenue stream and customer relationships. I hope the founders, that were renters appreciate this POV.

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    • I wouldn't worry about the hotel ad. If I'm on looking for a vacation rental, I'm unlikely to change my mind about the vacation rental simply because an ad pops up about a nearby hotel. I'm not on looking for a hotel; I'm looking for a vacation rental. The hotel ad is unlikely to change that predisposition.

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      • You must be an employee-think about what you just said.... reverse your logic. Why would a hotel in the area pay Homeaway to put a banner on my homepage? Duh... to capture the renter sales. I and other renters that use Homeaway I have taked to beleive that our homepages have been compromised. Like going to a Ford and a Honda banner add comes across the top.

        Also- I am having a ton of issues with VRBO... my inquirey emails are no longer coming to my email account and my listing has dropped off the site today. I called to log in the issue and they customer service recording says it will be "at least 2 hours" before they will get to me in the que- then drops my call. Not good...

        Frustrating... been a VRBO and Homeaway customer for 2.5 years and now thinking about going to TripAdvisor.

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