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  • graveylove graveylove Jun 6, 2014 4:44 PM Flag

    Not surprised by downward slide

    I have 2 vacation homes and have been with HomeAway for 5 years. In the past year, I've noticed an alarming deterioration regarding the service that is provided to both homeowners and guests. I wish I could go into detail, but I don't 5 hours to spend listing all the areas of their incompetence.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Just noticed that you are a new member to Yahoo's Stock Board. Very interestin that you would choose to bash the company (Homeaway) on their stock board as you are depending on them for listing your rental property. It doesn't seem very smart to me. Just say'in...

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      • he's a short.

        interesting set of upgrades and downgrades. First we get a downgrade because they need to spend money on marketing. Then we get and upgrade because of expedia and ppb.

        my question is why would they need to spend big $$ on marketing before they see the effects of placement on expedia. I'd wait, see how the brand expands due to massive exposure thru expedia. Who needs to pay for the exposure if they get it for free. Once people use the service and have a great experience...they are hooked.

        this stock is hated for unknown reasons. I guess if I were Hilton hotels I'd hate it.

    • please provide a few key details of the "alarming deterioration" in service, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes... shareholders always appreciate knowledge and information about actual corporate conduct of've indicated a sentiment of strong sell...some people here may care if your allegations are factual...perhaps you owe it to them to provide some specifics...your conclusions will carry little weight if you don't...

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      • Part 1

        In the past year, HomeAway's wait time (for both owner and guest) has just gotten worse and worse. The caller wait time has gone from 5 minute to close to a 1/2 hour 24/7.

        In the past, if a guest wanted to reserve with you, the first email went thru HomeAway and all the subsequent emails were between your email and the guest's email. Now all emails have to go thru HomeAway. This poses a problem when the owner sends an attachment (such as a rental agreement) to the guest. The attachment gets lost in transit. This has been going on for months. HomeAway acknowledges it is a problem, but has not fixed it.

        P.S. If you know of any other sites where it would be useful to post this message, please let me know.

      • Part 2

        Their review policy and treatment of negative reviews is horrible. Their review policy states that all reviews must be accurate. I questioned a HomeAway rep about this. Basically, I was told that if a guest writes in a review that your vacation rental is next door to a federal prison and you can prove that it's in a residential neighborhood, the review will still be published. When I told the rep that it isn't accurate, the rep said that maybe HomeAway should reword their guidelines. In my five years, all my reviews have glowing 5 star reviews.

        Last week, I received my first negative reviews. I contacted the guest and she realized that her negative comments were due to no fault of mine. She decided to retract the review. She told me that getting the review retracted was a nightmare. First, she had to endurable unbelievable wait times to talk to somebody. HomeAway ignored (or claim they never received) an email that she sent requesting a retraction. When she finally got through to HomeAway, every rep did his best to dissuade her from retracting the email. One rep even told her that a negative review is good for the owner because it gives credence to all the positive review. I know this last statement sounds unbelievable, but a different rep told me the very same thing. You might ask yourself why would HomeAway encourage negative reviews. I wondered why they would encourage negative reviews until a HomeAway rep confided to me that a year or so ago HomeAway came under intense scrutiny for only publishing positive reviews.

        I could write more, but during the past week I spent about 30 hrs trying to get HomeAway to delete a review that a guest wanted retracted. Believe me when I tell you that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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