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  • ab330 ab330 Jan 21, 2003 12:35 PM Flag

    what if UAL disintegrates?

    what does ACA do ...

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    • Great call marky! Now it is my turn for a great call. See you on the other side!!! Hehehhehehehehhehehehhehehehhehehhhehhheehehe

    • If he would do his DD with his eyes rather than his ears, he would be that much better off.

      GO ACAI!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bottlethrowingbrownsfan bottlethrowingbrownsfan Jan 28, 2003 10:18 AM Flag

      I hope you'll be leaving us soon.

      >>Mesa has done a tremendous job of overhauling their operational problems. In my commuting I have MESA as my backup to go to DCA versus IAD on DH. In the past couple of months I have traveled on the MESA ERJ versus the delayed/mechanicaled DH j-41. The reliability issues with ACA are huge. I am on a committee that is tracking delays and oerational problems with ACA for an ALPA study. In the past week there is a flight that departs IAD at 0915 that has not departed withing 1+15 minutes of on time in 6 of 7 days. That is the tip of the iceberg. Todays morning stats from IAD were not so great either. delays in the 1+00 range on more than a couple of flights.<<

      You're on an ALPA committee!!! LMFAO. The Committee to Complain about my Commute Over and Over Again? (CCCOOA) (See I CAN correctly speculate, I predicted you'd start complaing about your commute..and guess what, IT HAPPENED!) What's 1+15 mins....16 mins...or is that 'new' math for 1 hour 15 minutes. Before you start down this road of slamming ACA operational issues you better list the flights you are talking about. You're great at making stuff up, as you've proven in the past.

      >>As to where to park the aircraft????? Well you could see some of the flights depart from the C - D concourse, much like ACA did in the time after the acquisition of the ARW DHC-8's. At that time the DH flights departed from the d-7/6 area. With the exception of the 5pm bank gates would not be an issue. Also as I understand the lease agreement ACA has with MWAA the T gates could be seen going to another carrier especially if ACA losing some of the UAL traffic.<<

      Hell with the amount of downsizing UAL has done at IAD, they could take over all of the D concourse and the part of the C concourse that used to park those half-empty DUS and MXP flights. Maybe WE will. As for the T-gates've talked to ACA and MWAA about've seen're not making stuff up, right? You've never done that. :)

      >>The fates of UAL and ACA are intertwined. However, look for UAL to play hardball and squeeze as much as possible from the ACA team.<<

      Hey, you specualted correctly...pat yourself on the's rare when you get one right.

      >>Finally, I was flying a flight to Paris last week and was talking to a non-rev that was traveling. It turns out he is ROC sales and says that UAL has lost some contract sales with Xerox and Kodak at ROC due to the reliability issues of ACA in getting them to IAD for connections and the general lack of operational control that ACA exhibits in its operations. He said it does appear that we will get a mainline ORD-BUF-ROC-IAD flight back that might help get some of the contract flying back.......<<

      Hey, Tyler any of this true? How's that mail contract with UAL going? Oh shit, you lost it. United was built on delivering mail. Nice. ACA still handles what's that about operational issues? (By the way - ORD-BUF-ROC-IAD....and you wonder why the mainline loses a billion a quarter. Will that route be flown with a 777?)

      >>I guess I forgot to thank you for helping us lose those contracts. The pay for departure with no stiff penalities for the delays has to come to an end and that is what we at ALPA are trying to present to the company.<<

      Good luck with your firings, hope your layoffs go well. How 'bout the boys at ALPA talk about their own bloated salaries. Labor, even after the cuts, are the biggest draw from the UAL 'cash pool'. And that statement IS a fact. :)

    • Etoper,

      I applaud your efforts with your committee. But, I must question the validity. When has a union, let alone a pilots union successfully run an airline?

      As a somewhat educated outsider (I do not have all the answers or knowledge but have stood around watching the play unfold) let me put it to you this way. You should concentrate on what you do best which I believe is flying. I will concentrate on what I need to do which is keeping passengers happy and expanding my company's reach. I like you only have a small piece of the big picture. I am not in the boardroom everyday when the decisions are made. I am pretty sure you are not in the boardroom as well.

      There are many decisions that come down from above that may not make sense to you or me but, in the long run things seem to pan out. Correct me if I am wrong but your bottom line is getting better!

      There is a reason why ACA is such a huge piece of the puzzle. The reason is far above your paygrade and above mine. United pays premium dollars for folks to make these decisions. I understand from your last post you are strictly focusing on ACA. That leads me to believe you and your fellow pilots are "concerned." As you should be. Our operational performance has generally helped UA's bottom line. I can not give exact figures so I am conservative with the "generally"

      Your committee should broaden your efforts industry wide. Find some non-partisan research firms to assist you in your quests. I think the results will concern you even more.

      Here is one final thought that may or may not happen in the next year or two. Coming to a city near you.... Atlantic Coast Ground.... An economical alternative to premium ramp services... ALA Delta Global Services......

      In closing I really like your thoughts on the IAD parking plan but, I must question how you think it will work. I know the answer and encourage you to look toward DL and Delta Connection for your solution. But, understand there are IAM issues that would cloud your answer.

    • I think SKYW and Air Wis. would like to know the same thing.

      At least it would take a lot capacity out of the system.

      And Tucson still has room for some more storage.

      • 1 Reply to javali69
      • USAir stands a good chance of liquidating. However UAL has some big names that stand to lose a lot if they were to liquidate. Bank One, Citi Group and a few other I can't remember. I don't think they would be allowed to Liquidate for the previuosly mentioned reason and also to the large effect on the US economy.

        USAir is scrambling to come up with a viable businees plan that can return the carrier to profitablity. According to Aviation Week and Space Technology (AVWST) without USAir's pilots scope clause they can operate as many as 465 RJ's "while retaining as few as 279 mainline jets"

        USAir thinks this is the way to profitability, maybe UAL will think the same.

        ACAI already has 100 RJ's feeding UAL and believe me you can't pay pilots less than ACA already is. All UAL cares about is $revenue, not whether it is an ACA pilot bringing it in or a UAL pilot.

        Just my opinion