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  • mengjohn mengjohn Jul 29, 2005 4:31 PM Flag

    Wow, you guys are amazing

    If you know what to look for and you know this is a bad investment then why in the hell are you on this message board? Hello...And yes I'm a very proud happily married man with a beautiful wife and enjoy having fun setting up my personal profile on Yahoo. Beat's the hell out of your profile buddy "no answer" is that the best your capable of coming up with? I could careless about discussing my own or your personal life on a company message board, remember you brought it up. I usually only post relevant information about the company on a message board. But there is nothing I hate worse than some little brat saying "I'm not long, I'm not short this stock and have no interest in the company so listen to me". There are 250,000 different companies covered by yahoo and you just so happen to pick this company and this message board to post on.
    You don�t follow this company but you know for certain they are going under�what ever. At least I�m honest even when I post a message I am long this stock and have supplies valid information to the board as recently as Wednesday when I called the company and posted a message pertaining to earnings and a upcoming press release.
    I do not work for the company and yes I do call myself a self-proclaimed �stock master� for fun! At least I try and make my profile interesting moron! And for future reference I was Series 7 licensed in 2003 with a score of 91. But I�m sure you have no idea what that means. And before I drop this conversation completely, try and restrain your self from posting on a message board of a company for which you have �no interest� let alone posting dooms day information for which you have no reliant sources.
    And one more tip for yeah, the saying goes buy low sell high why in the hell do you think people would buy airline stock right's not rocket science.
    Peace and Happy Trading

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    • Great, have fun with yoru profile. Just don't expect anyone to take you serious.

      I don't have any interest in this company as an investment. However, you are assuming that I don't know anything about the company. I do know things about it. I do know things about the industry and I do invest heavily in the airline industry. You also assume that I have no sources. You know what they say about people who ass-u-me! To top all of that I make a lot of money investing in airlines because I am very good at it and know a hell of a lot about how airlines work.

      Buy low, sell high. Sounds good doesn't it. Great saying that if everyone followed we all would make money. Think about it again. There has to be someone on the other end of that for you to be buying from and selling too. You are that guy to me. Guys like you that trade stocks without thinking are what makes me a rich kid. As to your question as to why people would buy an airline stock right now, it is because there are people out there that think they know what airline stocks are tied to. OIL! Everyone is trading on oil right now. It goes up, XAL goes down. Right? That is what everyone thinks. Check the market today. Today is not abnormal airline trading. As for this stock, there is a reason the stock is below $1 and has been for months (with the exception of a few unfounded days a few weeks ago). People know this airline has troubles and can't rebound from it.

      But go on discounting me. I don't care. For every ONE of you there are two who might read this and snap to their senses. Those are the ones I am talking to. People like you that want to bury their heads in the sand and hope it all works out are of no concern to me.

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      • "Great, have fun with yoru profile. Just don't expect anyone to take you serious. "

        Why would I care if anyone took me serious? Your a rich kid on a message board for a stock you don't have any interest in.....I bet you do make all kinds of money like what 20 maybe 30 bucks...LMFAO
        Your right I'll be on the sand maybe you can shove one of those jet's up your ass.
        And you think I'm going to take you serious? What should I call you by Mr.Yielmanager now that is serious...OMG I had no idea God made people this stupid...
        Still LMFAO