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  • kaustabbanerjee70 kaustabbanerjee70 Jan 31, 2011 12:30 PM Flag

    All the stops have been taken out, going back up

    Since most of the stop loss orders have been taken out, consider the back gaps that needed to be filled complete, it will shoot right back up and over $13 now...and the MM's are ready and loaded to make money by getting this back up ober $18 again...

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    • Good call, you were right. I think it runs from here to new highs. Next quarter blow out? Remember, they made earnings and would have exceeded revenues but couldn't recognize a new licensing agreement. Tons of chips going in devices (high demand for tablets, new phones, etc.) MIPS gets bought this year? If they don't watch for blow out earnings to come. No company can blow out every quarter. When these guys merely meet, they sometimes follow up with a huge quarter (see below).

      Earnings History: MIPS
      Date Period EPS Estimate EPS Actual
      12/31/10 Q2 2010 $0.126 $0.14
      09/30/10 Q1 2010 $0.104 $0.17
      06/30/10 Q4 2010 $0.078 $0.15
      03/31/10 Q3 2010 $0.063 $0.08
      12/31/09 Q2 2009 $0.075 $0.09
      09/30/09 Q1 2009 $0.045 $0.06
      06/30/09 Q4 2009 $0.033 $0.12
      03/31/09 Q3 2009 $0.08 $0.06

    • what about the gap from 10.65 to 11.39?


    • last support was 10.65 ?????

    • thanks for positive post. A long believer here.
      what do you base 'all the stops have been taken out' on?
      I agree at some point this solid company will pop again.
      how far it will drop right now is the question.