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  • rogerabc100 rogerabc100 May 17, 2011 1:44 AM Flag


    1) After the recent meltdown from 18 to $7 and huge accumulation by funds, it will be easy for hedge/mutual funds to push MIPS quickly 50% up. Market cap is tiny $405M and MIPS is the fourth largest microprocessor company after Intel, ARM and AMD

    2)In January 2011 , MIPS unveiled the first MIPS-Based mobile devices, including two smart phones and several tablets. Devices presented by Actions Semiconductor and Ingenic Semiconductor.

    3) MIPS-Based Cruz Tablets can be purchased through major retailers including Amazon, Best Buy,, Borders and many others. See MIPS website

    4) There is a white paper titled ‘Beyond the Hype’ that compares in more detail the specific processor cores from MIPS and ARM, dispelling the myth of ARM’s superior technology. See MIPS website

    5) MIPS claims superiority over ARM cortex in power consumption and smaller size. MIPS processor M14K reduces development time and time-to-market . See MIPS website

    6) MIPS claims that M14K core offers the software developer an instruction set of 300 instructions, twice that available with the ARM's Cortex-M3.

    7) MIPS is well positioned in several rapidly growing Mobile & tablet markets. Compared with ARM processors, MIPS generally offers lower footprint and lower power consumption. This is the reason Chinese government decided to base its supercomputer on MIPS processors.

    8) MIPS is very relevant to the current mobile chip set marketplace, because it has a competitive power consumption advantage, it has 2 years experience in the mobile processors and it is capable of competing with the dominant companies.

    9) The mobile tsunami continues to see very high growth. All major tech savy companies are in a race to get a piece of the mobile pie. MIPS is a prime candidate for a take-over and it only makes sense to acquire this company at less than $1B.

    10) According to NYT article , top 4 takeover parties would be ARM, Intel, RIMM and Google. MIPS was developed by Stanford President John Hennessy and Hennessey currently sits on Google’s Board . Hennessey maybe involved in a major collaboration with Google as MIPS mobile products become competitive. See article in

    11) ARM , Intel and AMD was rumored several months ago that is interested in buying MIPS and the rumors makes a lot of business sense because of elimination of competitor. See article in

    12) EE Times article says the two mobile processors of ARM and MIPS are dead even in terms of clock frequency. The ARM Cortex-A9MPCore is slightly faster than the MIPS 1074K at the same frequency, but MIPS processor is smaller in silicon area. MIPS lets designer to design their own custom instructions, which ARM doesn’t permit. See article in

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    • I suspect that you're joking. It may happen today. <$7

    • MIPS will NEVER go under $7. NEVER EVER NEVER EVER

    • Now don't insult me. But possibly you can give us the 25 reasons? May not have until next week to do so.

    • You are not very smart!
      Most investors are ignoring MIPS fundamentals and are focusing on the power of shorting hedge fund to depress MIPS. But guess what, there are 5000 hedge fund on the SM and eventually several of them will take advantage of the MIPS situation. And I also hope that SEC will handle my lawyer request to investigate this huge MIPS manipulation by MM.
      There is a law in this country and MIPS shorting hedge fund eventually will be investigated.

    • roger thanks for your response However I did not forget or disregard anything. I acknowledged that MIPS currently has better technology than ARMH at the beginning, and everyone knows Intel is still playing catch-up. I implied to MIPS market cap when I compared it to Intel's use of $8 billion to make their new chip (waaaayyy lower) and I did say I had read that MIPS should have some advantages (hopefully) in 4G thanks to the similar technology used in their living room devices. BUT I was not aware that MIPS had a significant presence in Israel. That makes me feel a lot better since Israel has arguably the best tech scene in the world with some of the smartest and most creative guys. If anyone can change an industry standard, it'd be people from there. Just wrote a paper on Israel's business culture and how it leads to more teamwork, creative solutions, connections, and radical industry changing ideas more than any other place. They have the most successful tech companies there I swear. This makes me feel a lot better about MIPS. I still believe they don't have the savviness to deal with major clients but hopefully their clients will just become bigger.

    • I dont agree w/ your assessment. You forget that currently MIPS has better processors than Intel's Atom and you forget that MIPS cap is a tiny $400M. You also disregard the advantage and experience that MIPS has in 4G over Intel and ARM.

      Regarding Israel's Intel engineers , MIPS has also a R&D center in Israel and is very active pushing its mobile processors in Israel. see link

      <<1. MIPS Goes Mobile! - With the advent of Android and the move toward 4G, MIPS is gaining increasing traction in the mobile world. We’ve scored a number of important design wins, not only in WiFi, WiMAX, femtocells, infrastructure and other technologies that surround the handset, but also in the handset itself, with companies designing MIPS-Based baseband and applications processors. This is a major change in the mobile world, and we are very excited about it. The time has come to put an end to the monopoly and let customers select the best processor based on its merits!
      2. Getting Ready for Google TV - Android-based, advanced High Definition TVs are fast becoming a reality. By taking the lead in driving Android into the living room and the "big screen" of our home TVs, and by striking alliances with Google, Adobe, Skype, Yahoo! and many other key companies, MIPS is enabling our licensees to succeed in the Android TV era. See how modern smart TVs are designed, and how the whole new concept behind the home TV experience is developing - and get ready for Google TV!
      3. New CPU Launch - Following a many-year tradition, MIPS will introduce a brand-new CPU core during our Technical Seminar in Israel. The MIPS32® 1074K™ Coherent Processing System (CPS) offers industry-leading speed for fully-synthesizable multicore IP. Using commercially-available standard cell libraries, memories and EDA design flows, the 1074K CPS approaches production frequencies of 1.5 GHz in 40nm G process. It will be described in great detail by our VP of Hardware Engineering. Some members of our Israeli user community have already expressed interest in starting projects with this new core.>>

    • Just lettin out my thoughts here...everyone also always compares MIPS to only ARMH. What about Intel?! People have kind of lumped Intel with Microsoft as a company past its prime with no long term growth. I wholeheartedly disagree and after researching Intel for the past few weeks as a favor, honestly believe that Intel's microprocessor will be in a Tier 1 phone manufacturer before MIPS. Someone persuade me otherwise if you can. Intel is a stubborn company that has been forced to reinvent itself, especially with its strategic bet on its new 22 nano 3-d chip that cuts power consumption in half and improves performance. Intel has been forced to reinvent the prevailing architecture before and it will be forced to again. It did so when people weren't even thinking about the dangers of the "power wall". It's Intel Israel factory (also head of mobile) foresaw the problem of overheating long before everyone else and solved the problem by splitting up the instructions given to the chips so that the chip would operate like a car with gears, it could perform better while using less power as opposed to just continuously pressing the accelerator which would lead to the engine overheating.(this also led to the irrelevance of the clock speed metric,it changed the main focus to power consumption) Intel just reinvented the future of chip design by throwing their full force and resources behind FinFet, a way to get a stronger current(better performance) while making sure less electrons leak out (less power consumption) by having little fins sticking up (they call it 3d)All I'm saying is Intel is spending like $8 billion to add factories and whatnot to mass produce this new complex chip. Thats around a third of ARMH's market cap and waaaaaaaayyy more than MIPS market cap. Don't count out Intel. They still have a lot of clout and influence, and sadly waaaaaayy more than MIPS. Plus I know some people who work at Intel Israel- they are all freaking geniuses. They are the creative forces that ensures Intel's success- NO JOKE (and they are the head of everything mobile for Intel). Plus, if a company had to choose between Intel's and MIP's design, even if MIPS had better metrics, Intel could surely somehow undermine them do to their huge resources and distribution centers. Sadly, I just think ARMH and INTC could use their influence to make sure MIPS won't get any major design wins. MIPS is in great shape technologically and financially...but they need to be more savvy somehow. I'm just re-examining the big picture here, and I see one huge influential experienced company full of resources with a strong array of creative engineers that look to be putting it [intel] onto the right path again. I see ARMH, another influential and relatively large experienced company trying to ensure the current status quo in mobile devices, also with great technology...and I see MIPS, a strong (and small) technological and financial company with no real connections to the big boys. They're trying to enter through the back door by bagging all the tier-3 companies and through Android which ARMH is still owning...they just don't have the connections or clout or experience or resources to REALLY challenge/oppose the status quo of ARMH and the resources of Intel. However, the future of mobile core architecture has not been decided and I hope MIPS will get some traction. Sorry to be a downer again, but I find it necessary and sobering to every once in a while take a step back and look at the big picture and examine the competitors and the risks/rewards. Appreciate any responses

    • Thanks for the post. I agree with your 12 reasons to love MIPS below $12.

      In addition to your reasons, I believe MIPS is going a lot higher (it is just a matter of time) due to it's widespread current adoption and excellent RISC architecture, etc..

      MIPs has been around a long time and is number 1 or 2 in many product categories (Router, DSL Modem, Cable Modem, etc.).

      MIPs will be a significant player in mobile (Smartphone, Tablet, and more) since it is now ported to and working with Google Android. They are one of few companies with early access to Honeycomb (3.0 designed for Tablets).

      At last weeks Google I/O Google stated:

      1) There are now over 100 Million activated Google Android Devices.

      2) Over 400,000 new Google Android Devices are activated every day.

      3) There are now over 300,000 Apps for Android.

      4) Android 3.1.x will come out later this year to fold in Smartphone 2.3.x and 3.0 (Honeycomb) to run on Smartphones, Tablets, Google TV, and many other devices (many not invented yet).

      These are very impressive numbers and MIPS will be one of the company's that benefits big time since MIPS RISC is very well suited to Android (Linux based) which demands low power for battery life and higher and higher performance (MIPS very will suited).

      Now that Android is very well established (100 Million devices now) and huge growth for at least next 5 years, technology takes off when it becomes very widely adopted.

      Windows and Intel do not have much market share in mobile and they are on the outside looking in. When a technology (Android and RISC (ARM, MIPS) becomes dominate this is the time for the company's to really grow. This environment will enable MIPS to really take off. I also own ARM and they will continue to do great but MIPS is going to grow as well.

      The recent sell off is a great opportunity to load up for the upcoming ride up (I added to my position gladly). It may take 1 quarter, or 1 year but MIPS will take off I believe. Also, give the recent Merger and Acquisitions in Chip and tech. sector there is a good chance MIPS will be acquired for reasons stated in 12 reason post and this one.