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  • james_lz james_lz Apr 17, 2012 2:18 PM Flag


    You guys must be very careful. I believe MIPS will have a very bad Q1 earning report, so it wants to sell itself and put the news on market in order some insider could sell their shares before Q1 report.

    Don't be fooled by the news even though MIPS wants somebody buy it. MIPS has not technical advantage compared with ARMH.

    Believe it or not.


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    • I agree about earnings
      but with today's news on google

      IMO some downside risk was removed

      this is not a fire sale

      but I would think that even with google and msft on its side MIPS would take 3 years to get say 10% of the mobile market

      that would make it a 10 dollar PPS imo - 3 years out

      selling its IP - to be open sourced by say a msft or google (to keep ARM in its place and apple as well) would simply bring that price to market sooner

      (my only fear left is if BRCM is planning to be an all ARM shop - if not - if BRCM is MIPS and Google is supportive and per that article MSFT is supportive ....MIPS will slowly slowly works its way up from cheap chinese in China and Indonesia to middle of the line chinese made in the USA and Europe --- a serious contender with other competitors for the half the apple price phone and tablet market

      and remember MIPS knows 64bit and TV and networking and wifi massively

    • Earnings will be bad, but the patents are very real. They basically decided that they can't make a go of it alone, so this is the move they should make. It is actually very smart.