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  • guyutegirl guyutegirl Apr 18, 2012 9:26 PM Flag

    Something fishy on Cramer tonight (srs)

    Did you see it? Watch later tonight and see if you see what I saw.

    At the end of the lightning round, he took a call just as the buzzer sounded, he finished that call and normally would've gone to a commercial. But he decided to take another call and that call was about MIPS. He said to sell it after mentioning briefly takeover speculation.

    I believe that he deliberately took this call just so he could get his sell recommendation out there.

    Now why would he do this?

    Firstly, I believe that if he did know about any takeover he would have said something so that he could look like the big man. (maybe)

    So assuming that he doesn't know one way or the other, why would he deliberately recommend "sell" to the public. I believe it is because he is helping out his friends who probably are the market makers on the options on this stock. The market-making community in this stock in last three days has sold 11,000 July calls. If the stock gaps to 15 they are out a cool 10 million!

    It just seemed really, really weird the way he quickly extended the lightning round to take the call to deliberately recommend "sell" when he doesn't know one way or the other about a takeover.

    What do you guys think?

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    • Somehow I happen to agree with Cramer, or at least to understand his reasons for staying away from MIPS.
      Clearly, with the renewed hope of a buyout, the landscape for shareholders could substantially change, but this is still an open bet and there is no assurance that the rumour will lead to a buyout, much less than the buyout will place a high premium on MIPS shares.
      The point is that MIPS management in general, and MIPS CEO in particular, have shown a total ineptitude wrt the ability to execute and deliver results.
      What everyone is really waiting for today, is that thanks to Starboard pressure, some white knight buys the IP and the very valuable engineers, thus putting an end to the pain of seeing such a waste of talent in the hands of worthless management.

    • this is the final sign. MIPS is going to rock very soon. Cramer, always has an agenda.

    • Cramer = idiot. Who cares. He recommended IL aggressively at 28, look at it now.... He does not understand technology at all.

    • Look at this from MIPS pump job he did in October 2010.

      Did it when it traded at $15'ish...topped out at 19'ish a month or two later.

      Golden Rule:

      Do opposite of Cramer

      Starboard is not in this to make a few percent on their money.

      They know the value is higher than current valuation.

      Strategic leak a few days ago with the Goldman news.

      Just a question of timing and price.

      Next week or two?

      Next month or two?

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      • That's why Cramer's buddies are sweating the July calls they are MASSIVELY short right now. They asked Cramer to mention MIPS on his show as a "sale" to take some pressure off themselves.

        BTW...what if there is some kind of deal announced soon? Won't Cramer's face be red when he tries to explain his "sell" call on Apr 18, 2012

        Do you think it's possible that he would tell the public "sell" even if he heard there's a good chance of a deal? What would be his motivation for doing this?