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  • o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Nov 2, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

    Somebody working hard to keep share price down

    Anyone who watches the bid/ask for any amount of time sees it. Having upped my holdings significantly yesterday, I saw it happen first hand.

    One day the buying volume is going to overtake the silly game being played and the lid is going to finally come off.

    With this earnings announcement, and beating the estimate by 60%, this is now in the books and on the Analyst Estimates page for all to see. The December estimate has not been raised, and so at this time, there's a good chance we'll see another beat coming.

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    • yes-Your comments are accurate..I have been saying for a long time ,there is on going price manipulation to the downside.A buyer will come in to pick up 5ooo to 10,000 shares and the market maker ups the price 4-5cents,or 4%..he goes short from his own stock position. and, low and behold ,a few minutes later a mysterious sell order, at the market, appears for 300 shares and the price goes down 4cents....ohh,ohh?or, in the last 5 minutes of trading---same thing, a good buy order pushes it up,but, ohh?? a mkt. order to sell 100 shares at 3:59p.m. collapse the price right back down!...the analyst,by the way.on yahoo, has pushed the erns. estimate back up to 18cents for thenext fiscal year...I'd love to short squeeze this F-in mkt. maker!

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