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  • omniportent omniportent Jan 4, 2001 4:12 PM Flag

    Article about CAMPATH

    Yes, SCLN is doing excellent. I suppose that it
    is a combination of factors that is helping its
    price rebound. First, SCLN was overly depressed due to
    tax loss selling. Now that is over, so things are
    getting back to normal (more or less). That could be
    described as the January effect, which tends to help beaten
    down small cap stocks. In addition, there is some
    definite "buy on the rumour" going on about the pending
    phase 3 trial and possible U.S. partnership for
    Zadaxin. It's nice to see SCLN get some ground

    As far as ILXO goes, the MMs are really playing with
    people's minds lately. They are moving the price around
    wildly without even a hint of volume. I suspect that
    more than a few are trying to collect some additional
    shares prior to the FDA approval of Campath which could
    come at any time. Once Campath is approved, it will be
    interesting to see what the MMs do.

    At any rate, most
    of the biotech sector took a boot in the head today
    (BTK is down almost 7%), so I won't complain about
    either ILXO or SCLN (at least for the remainder of the

    Who dares, wins!