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  • checking_for_squrrels checking_for_squrrels Jul 1, 2002 1:27 PM Flag

    johns, a question

    Sold all IDPH above $34 after found out you are not buying. You are a impressive trader.
    From the chart, do you see any possibility of summer rally in the coming days?

    I am still holding massive QLGC shorts.

    fully shorted at 52.8x and
    by: checking_for_squrrels
    Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell 05/14/02 04:54 pm
    Msg: 106138 of 112341

    52.7x, 52,6x, 52.5x.

    puff .. puff

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    • Subj: Re: What do you know?
      By: bargain_hunter91307
      Date: 07/07/02 10:54 am

      You just can't believe on things you don't understand!
      You have much to learn about the market. And I am ways advance than you, based on what you were posting.
      And you are still in denial.

      PS. I already said I regret to go long on IDPH, and I am 100% confident to say that I have a chance to exit in the next 1.5 month time frame. The guarantee: my timing model.

    • asset allocation

    • "No, I don't have the same attitude on all stocks I've purchased. If the long-term fundamentals break down, I sell. But not if the chart is all that breaks down. "

      How does one figure out when to sell a stock based on fundamentals in enough time to get a good profit?

      I lost half my gain on Nokia back in 2000 when it seemed to be the leader and doing well fundamentally. then at the end of 2000 I learned technical analysis and took my profit. Now it is half of what I bought it for.

      I was a Peter lynch follower until I lost 100% gains because "I was busy counting cars" in parking lots to determine if the company was doing well-ridiculous!

      That doesnt work for me, neither does analyzing debt, because really, when are you going to notice that the debt is getting higher and sell BEFORE it declines?

      Tell me your fundamental sell method.



    • If you dare to swear everything you have said on this board(you claimed stock positions) is true, then you are a man to be respected. Otherwise you are just the same nuts as others.
      Do you dare?


    • Everything I have said on this board is true to the extent that I know. But sometimes people infer things that are not intended to be implied.

    • You asked me not to believe everything read on this board.
      Does that include your statements and position claimed?
      Can we believe you? Some people questioned your integrity last few days.
      Do you dare to swear that you didn't lie on any of your position claims here? I doubt it.


    • Don't believe everything you read on this board. I do own JDSU, but the average cost basis is in high single digits. Some people on this board exaggerate.

      No, I don't have the same attitude on all stocks I've purchased. If the long-term fundamentals break down, I sell. But not if the chart is all that breaks down.

    • Since you are heavily loaded in biotech stocks, how are you doing this year with BTK at 2 years low.


    • checking_for_squrrels checking_for_squrrels Jul 10, 2002 12:33 PM Flag

      I think somebody here mentioned you bought JDSU at 50, 40, 20 ,10...(or whatever price) and you are still holding it now.
      Do you have the same mentality toward all stocks you purchased --> AMGN, INTC.
      If that's it, stop your BS. That could mislead lots people to lose their shirts and pants.

      Feel like nuts on this market. At least I have heavily hegded with QLGC put.


    • I confess I am getting a little angry at this market, and I will not buy or sell when I am angry at the market. It is very dangerous behavior. In a casino, it is called steaming.

      But, yes, when I bought INTC and AMGN, I bought them to hold for months or years, not to flip in a few days. So that means one doesn't panic when a position goes against you in the short term, as long as the fundamental reasons for the purchase have not changed. But it also doesn't mean you go nuts and buy every single dip until blood comes out your ears.

      Moderation in all things, especially when it hurts like hell.

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