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  • waylongeln waylongeln Jan 21, 2006 11:23 AM Flag

    PML caused by Avonex?

    Does anybody have a count of the number of PML cases among Avonex users?

    I've heard rumors that there have been some.

    The threat of PML was the reason BIIB withdrew Tysabri.

    It's strange that BIIB didn't withdraw Avonex, particularly when no Tysabri mono patients ever had PML.

    Logic suggests that Avonex should have been withdrawn. If there are PML cases among mono-Avonex cases, I believe BIIB is setting itself up for a major lawsuit from any victims.

    IMO, if they become aware of one or more cases in mono Avonex and no mono Tysabri cases exist, NOT withdrawing Avonex from the market is clear evidence of negligence.

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    • No scientific evidence whatsoever that avonex causes PML<get real.

    • That is pretty funny. I've got him on ignore now though.

    • He is not worth the time or effort. He tries to get recommendations for posts when he bashes BiiB, he is no different from Wealthydem, it's so hypocritical that they slam bashers, yet some of them are bashers as well.

      On a funny note, just check out the LEH board, man they just took LEH to school, I have never seen anyone attack a board like that, weird but funny.

    • No don't, just let them go ahead and "put him down"

    • Would someone from the ELN board please come retrieve your dog before I have to take him to the pound?

    • Idiot, that's all I have to say. CLICK

    • What is MULLIN doing to push TYSABRI thru the FDA?



      If it were another drug co. they would have their whole public relations dept. behind it telling all the personal life improving stories about TYSABRI.

      Mullin wants the drug to fail.

      Which director of BIIB was interviewed by Lehman Bros. Silver last week? They said TYSABRI would have so many restrictions from the FDA that docs would be reluctant to prescribe.

      Thats what MULLIN wants....... to tie it up for another year while he sells Avonex ........a less effective drug until its patent expires.

      Mullin wants to make $$$$ at the expense of peoples lives.

      He took it off the market & now he wants to tie it up .

      People that were walking before are now back in wheel chairs .After viewing the ENRON documentary nothing surprises me anymoree about big business.

      Where is your ethics MR. MULLIN ?

      Did anyone out there hear him say anything good about TYSABRI lately?

      Any other CEO would be praising it & telling of all the success stories it has produced.

      Are 16 pieces of silver worth it MR. MULLIN?

    • That has got to be the dumbest post of the entire week. For starters, his last name is Mullen you moron, it's written in the roster, can't you read?

      And how did you reach the 75%? LMFHAO, you have got to be fucking bullshitting.

      And one last thing, don't go around accusing people of killing MS patients, it's in the hands of the FDA, why is it so hard for you to comprehend that.

      Now go crawl under your rock you idiot.

    • Mr. Mullins...You knew avonex patent was expiring soon.

      So you bought the rights to TYSABRI to partner it with AVONEX in combo to get another 16 years of patent life out of it.

      You never dreamed how effective TYSABRI would be....better than AVONEX with no side affects.

      You would earn 100% for avonex & 50% for Ty

      That is 75% profit for BIIB & 25% profit for ELAN.

      You pulled the better drug off the market for personal gain not caring about the patients desparate for it.

      Your plan backfired as noone will be taking AVONEX after TYSABRI is approved by the FDA.

      You did everything in your power to kill TYSABRI.

      The only thing you are killing is the poor MS PATIENTS that desparately need this miracle drug.

      MR. Mullins drop Avonex & back TYSABRI . Sixteen pieces of silver are not worth killing people for.


    • I can see that you don't know the first thing about drug development or use. Why don't you go get some education before you make a bigger fool of yourself than you already have.

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