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  • wendell3308 wendell3308 May 20, 2010 1:33 AM Flag

    Crippled US soldiers DENIED TYSABRI but OK for Lawyer?

    Links to how a lawyer can get TYSABRI....

    But while TYSABRI is the ONLY FDA approved alpha4beta1 integrin blocker drug on the market.....

    ....those celebs & US politicians are NOWHERE to be found pleading for our US soldiers to get TYSABRI instead of just crippled Canadian rats....

    links to the lucky Canadian rats:

    Methylprednisolone causes minimal improvement after spinal cord injury in rats, vs benefits of anti-integrin. [J Neurotrauma. 2005]

    Timing & duration of anti-alpha4beta1 integrin therapy after spinal cord injury: effect on therapeutic efficacy.[J Neurosurg Spine. 2009]

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    • The FREEDOM to STAND UP would cost the US government about $6000 worth of TYSABRI which it has in its military hospitals RIGHT NOW throughout the WORLD!

      The FREEDOM to STAND UP after a CRIPPLING SPINAL CORD or TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY isn't FREE, but it may be a lot more COST-EFFECTIVE than giving 'minimally effective' drugs like steroids to fight inflammation. Worse yet, the TENS oF THOUSANDS of dollars in additional surgeries & the TENS OF THOUSANDS in DECADES of physical therapy & support while in a WHEELCHAIR!

      WORSE YET! The realization by the young men & women serving in Iraq & Afghanistan that there is something TERRIBLY WRONG with the medical care that the military is giving them....

      ....our FREEDOM FIGHTERS.....not the VERY BEST & LATEST TECHNOLOGY...but technology that is decades OLD & stands in the DOORWAY to STANDING UP....

      ....just like George Wallace did in the schools in the south....

    • It's easy to be passionate about caring for our crippled soldiers.
      It's hard for me to understand the main stream media's obvious lack of caring this coming Memorial Day.
      How can you state that Tysabri aka natalizumab doesn't help release MORE STEM CELLS.
      Even the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Center in the UK has PUBLISHED just 2 of the scientific abstracts related to NATALIZUMAB and how it promotes or mobilizes up to 6 to 7 fold the normal level of stem cells in the blood stream. Here's the link,

      So now Wolfey, you're not just arguing against've got to include the MSRC, too!

      What I don't understand is how you can sit idly by & let our crippled heroes get methylprednisolone, which is considered the standard of care, but took several phase III clinical trials to finally get FDA approval?
      I mean the title to this link below
      is (J Neurotrauma. 2005 Dec;22(12):1375-87.- publication)

      Methylprednisolone causes minimal improvement after spinal cord injury in rats, contrasting with benefits of an anti-integrin treatment.

      (authors: Weaver LC, Gris D, Saville LR, Oatway MA, Chen Y, Marsh DR, Hamilton EF, Dekaban GA.)

      Now if the standard of care does MINIMAL but TYSABRI does MAXIMAL.....

      and someone you cared for was serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.....

      Wouldn't you want them to at least have the 'freedom to choose' between the stuff the FDA says "does not harm" and the stuff the FDA won't let anybody get, because it helps 'mobilize those stem cells'?

      Remyelination is growing new nerve tissue. TYSABRI helps the body do this.
      Older drugs do not.
      Rats with broken spinal columns HEAL with TYSABRI.
      Humans heal as well.

      This isn't about my passion.
      This is about freedom for our crippled heroes fighting for US in Iraq & Afghanistan.

      This is about government officials doing the right thing to help them.

      Please write your elected officials & beg them to give our young men & women serving this great nation, the FREEDOM to CHOOSE TYSABRI to help MOBILIZE THEM if they are HURT & CRIPPLED while serving this nation.

      A simple clinical trial paid for by the US military would SAVE TENS of MILLIONS of US dollars & give those crippled heroes a real opportunity to STAND UP.....just like the Canadian laboratory rats.

    • I'll give you this, you're passionate about this. However, you are completely missing the boat on understanding the correlation between it's adhesion molecule, stop the macrophages from crossing the BBB to quit destroying axons, and the fact that it may result in better locomotion as it's not damaging the nerve's with your own immune system. This coupled with the fact that you are talking about people who may not be walking due to INJURY. You're passion is in the right place but you're missing the boat on what this drug is designed to do.....over and over and over....

    • Methylprednisolone has been shown to minimally help some rats with spinal injury.
      Methylprednisolone is not Tysabri.
      Natalizumab is Tysabri.

      Tysabri would absolutely have no effect on spinal injuries.

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      • <Tysabri would absolutely have no effect on spinal injuries. >

        Sounds like you'd be one of those supporting the German hospitals caring for our crippled heroes, instead of giving them

        ONE INFUSION of TYSABRI shortly (within 2 hours) after they're hurt....

        But I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt & trust you to read the link I'm providing below, along with the publication, title, & authors. After you read it, please comment on your above comment.
        J Neurosurg Spine. 2009 Nov;11(5):575-87.

        Timing and duration of anti-alpha4beta1 integrin treatment after spinal cord injury: effect on therapeutic efficacy.
        Fleming JC, Bao F, Chen Y, Hamilton EF, Gonzalez-Lara LE, Foster PJ, Weaver LC.

        Spinal Cord Injury Laboratory, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada.

        just to be helpful, I'll point out a couple of phrases from the abstracts

        "After spinal cord injury (SCI) leukocytes infiltrate the injured cord, causing significant damage and further impairment of functional recovery. The leukocyte integrin alpha4beta1 is crucial for their entry. The authors previously demonstrated that an anti-alpha4 monoclonal antibody (mAb) treatment attenuates leukocyte infiltration, improves motor and autonomic function, and reduces neuropathic pain when administered at 2 hours and 24 hours after SCI. "

        The ONLY anti-alpha4 monoclonal antibody that is both FDA & EMEA approved is TYSABRI.

        Here is a Canadian drug bank link to Tysabri (aka natalizumab aka anti-alpha3 integrin monoclonal antibody aka an alpha4beta1 mAb aka a very late antigen4 (VLA-4) mAb or an anti-CD49d mAb) :

        Methylprednisolone which is a steroid is considered the standard of care for spinal cord injury SPI simlar link here:

        Why don't your want our CRIPPLED HEROES fighting against terrorism and for our freedoms here in the USA to walk?

        Why is it ok for former US President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator John Kerry, & others to FIGHT for California lawyer Baron Budd to get TYSABRI, but they're completely SILENT on whether our CRIPPLED SOLDIERS can't get this drug to help them walk?

        Will you tell Vern Beachy & others posting on to be SILENT about how this WONDER DRUG called TYSABRI helped him & others get out of their wheelchair?

        Are you a human being in the USA who cares about our CRIPPLED HEROES?

        Or is something else more important to you?

      • Minimal help as methylprednisolone diminishes inflammation & thus pain, but has no effect on getting the crippled to walk.

        Methylprednisolone is certainly not TYSABRI (aka natalizumab aka alpha4beta1 integrin blocker aka anti-alpha4beta1 monoclonal antibody).

        Methylprednisolone is a steroid. Here is a link to it-

        Tysabri is a selective adhesion modifier that helps release stem cells from the bone marrow. Here's a link from Canada to it-

        While methylprednisolone helps reduce inflammation & pain, it doesn't help our crippled heroes walk. But TYSABRI would...if the captured media or true American patriots would write their Congress...
        Exp Neurol. 2008 Dec;214(2):147-59. Epub 2008 May 1.

        Alpha4beta1 integrin blockade after spinal cord injury decreases damage and improves neurological function.
        Fleming JC, Bao F, Chen Y, Hamilton EF, Relton JK, Weaver LC.

        Spinal Cord Injury Laboratory, BioTherapeutics Research Group, Robarts Research Institute, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5K8.

        The authors state that "motor function improved by up to 2 points on an open-field locomotor scale. Treated rats supported weight with their hind paws instead of sweeping."

        What this would mean to a human is that instead of dragging along your limp legs, they would actually SUPPORT YOUR WEIGHT while STANDING ON YOUR LEGS.

        Why won't you SUPPORT MY EFFORTS to bring this SIMPLE TRUTH to the public's attention?

        Bill & Melinda Gates aren't. Neither is Warren Buffet.
        They obviously are too busy making MONEY for themselves or are too busy with their PET PROJECTS of saving lives by making vaccines for the UNDERPRIVILEGED to care about our


        So what's your excuse?

    • Why bring the Canadian rats into this. I guarantee you some of those rats are American too.

      Any reason why your rant needed a second topic? Is it not clear that this is an investor board and no one cares about celebrities speaking out about Tysabri for fallen soldiers? Not sure how that is going to help Biogen's bottom line.

      Maybe if Bill Gates is the next Biogen CEO, your post might make some sense.

      • 1 Reply to motordes47
      • < I guarantee you some of those rats are American too. >

        Prove it. There are no equivalent US clinical trials using TYSABRI for SPINAL CORD INJURY.

        Go to . Enter either 'spinal cord injury' or 'natalizumab'.

        You will see NO ALPHA4BETA1 INTEGRIN BLOCKING drugs presently in clinical trials for

        'spinal cord injury'. Here is the link to that search:
        "Found 273 studies with search of: spinal cord injury "
        Not a single one uses an alpha4beta1 integrin blocking drug.

        You will see only 1 clinical trial for TYSABRI (aka natalizumab aka the ONLY FDA ok'd alpha4beta1 integrin blocker drug commercially available today) where it is being assessed for improving the walking ability of those with multiple sclerosis.

        Here is the link to that trial.
        "The aim of this study is to evaluate the evolution of walking capacity as measured by T100T, T25FW, MWD and EDSS during the first year of therapy with natalizumab."

        Some here KNOW that multiple sclerosis is a demyelinating disease which harms NERVE TISSUE.

        Some here KNOW that when you're CRIPPLED in COMBAT, your NERVE TISSUE (aka spinal cord or brain) may be DAMAGED.

        Only Bill Gates can make the claim to SPEND BILLIONS on vaccines for UNDEVELOPED countries and IGNORE our CRIPPLED HEROES fighting against TERRORISM in Iraq & Afghanistan & then get....

        ....the applause of the 'captured media'......while our CRIPPLED HEROES simply go back home...... their wheelchairs!

        < Any reason why your rant needed a second topic? >

        You don't think our men & women serving in Iraq & Afghanistan deserve the BEST MEDICINE,
        especially if they are CRIPPLED IN COMBAT?

        Are you some TERRORIST or TRAITOR or just a greedy competitor spreading FUD?

        Your post might make sense....if you were posting it on some Usama Bin Laden website instead of a website for a company that makes a WONDER DRUG called TYSABRI made in the USA in North Carolina....

        that our CRIPPLED HEROES can't get!

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