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  • motordes47 motordes47 May 20, 2010 1:25 PM Flag

    Crippled US soldiers DENIED TYSABRI but OK for Lawyer?

    Why bring the Canadian rats into this. I guarantee you some of those rats are American too.

    Any reason why your rant needed a second topic? Is it not clear that this is an investor board and no one cares about celebrities speaking out about Tysabri for fallen soldiers? Not sure how that is going to help Biogen's bottom line.

    Maybe if Bill Gates is the next Biogen CEO, your post might make some sense.

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    • < I guarantee you some of those rats are American too. >

      Prove it. There are no equivalent US clinical trials using TYSABRI for SPINAL CORD INJURY.

      Go to . Enter either 'spinal cord injury' or 'natalizumab'.

      You will see NO ALPHA4BETA1 INTEGRIN BLOCKING drugs presently in clinical trials for

      'spinal cord injury'. Here is the link to that search:
      "Found 273 studies with search of: spinal cord injury "
      Not a single one uses an alpha4beta1 integrin blocking drug.

      You will see only 1 clinical trial for TYSABRI (aka natalizumab aka the ONLY FDA ok'd alpha4beta1 integrin blocker drug commercially available today) where it is being assessed for improving the walking ability of those with multiple sclerosis.

      Here is the link to that trial.
      "The aim of this study is to evaluate the evolution of walking capacity as measured by T100T, T25FW, MWD and EDSS during the first year of therapy with natalizumab."

      Some here KNOW that multiple sclerosis is a demyelinating disease which harms NERVE TISSUE.

      Some here KNOW that when you're CRIPPLED in COMBAT, your NERVE TISSUE (aka spinal cord or brain) may be DAMAGED.

      Only Bill Gates can make the claim to SPEND BILLIONS on vaccines for UNDEVELOPED countries and IGNORE our CRIPPLED HEROES fighting against TERRORISM in Iraq & Afghanistan & then get....

      ....the applause of the 'captured media'......while our CRIPPLED HEROES simply go back home...... their wheelchairs!

      < Any reason why your rant needed a second topic? >

      You don't think our men & women serving in Iraq & Afghanistan deserve the BEST MEDICINE,
      especially if they are CRIPPLED IN COMBAT?

      Are you some TERRORIST or TRAITOR or just a greedy competitor spreading FUD?

      Your post might make sense....if you were posting it on some Usama Bin Laden website instead of a website for a company that makes a WONDER DRUG called TYSABRI made in the USA in North Carolina....

      that our CRIPPLED HEROES can't get!

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