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  • wendell3308 wendell3308 May 30, 2010 11:42 PM Flag

    Crippled US soldiers DENIED TYSABRI but OK for Lawyer?

    It's easy to be passionate about caring for our crippled soldiers.
    It's hard for me to understand the main stream media's obvious lack of caring this coming Memorial Day.
    How can you state that Tysabri aka natalizumab doesn't help release MORE STEM CELLS.
    Even the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Center in the UK has PUBLISHED just 2 of the scientific abstracts related to NATALIZUMAB and how it promotes or mobilizes up to 6 to 7 fold the normal level of stem cells in the blood stream. Here's the link,

    So now Wolfey, you're not just arguing against've got to include the MSRC, too!

    What I don't understand is how you can sit idly by & let our crippled heroes get methylprednisolone, which is considered the standard of care, but took several phase III clinical trials to finally get FDA approval?
    I mean the title to this link below
    is (J Neurotrauma. 2005 Dec;22(12):1375-87.- publication)

    Methylprednisolone causes minimal improvement after spinal cord injury in rats, contrasting with benefits of an anti-integrin treatment.

    (authors: Weaver LC, Gris D, Saville LR, Oatway MA, Chen Y, Marsh DR, Hamilton EF, Dekaban GA.)

    Now if the standard of care does MINIMAL but TYSABRI does MAXIMAL.....

    and someone you cared for was serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.....

    Wouldn't you want them to at least have the 'freedom to choose' between the stuff the FDA says "does not harm" and the stuff the FDA won't let anybody get, because it helps 'mobilize those stem cells'?

    Remyelination is growing new nerve tissue. TYSABRI helps the body do this.
    Older drugs do not.
    Rats with broken spinal columns HEAL with TYSABRI.
    Humans heal as well.

    This isn't about my passion.
    This is about freedom for our crippled heroes fighting for US in Iraq & Afghanistan.

    This is about government officials doing the right thing to help them.

    Please write your elected officials & beg them to give our young men & women serving this great nation, the FREEDOM to CHOOSE TYSABRI to help MOBILIZE THEM if they are HURT & CRIPPLED while serving this nation.

    A simple clinical trial paid for by the US military would SAVE TENS of MILLIONS of US dollars & give those crippled heroes a real opportunity to STAND UP.....just like the Canadian laboratory rats.

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