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  • mengjohn mengjohn Jan 18, 2013 9:52 PM Flag

    Finding one at the bottem takes courage but with a litte risk comes a lot of reward! ADXS

    I hope everyone is ready (including bashers).... because I'm about to drop some serious knowledge on your #$%$ The following are points I highlight when convincing friends and family to invest in ADXS.

    1) Phase I had 15 people in it, all with stage 4b cervical cancer (VERY SICK PEOPLE). They all received 2 doses of the vaccine when it was known that 3 doses is the actual therapeutic dose. Why only 2? Because the company was scared. This had never been tested on humans before. Still.... with just 2 doses, 3 of these patients lived 3 years and 2 are still living 4 years out! The historical median survival is 6 months! This trial had a median survival of close to 1 year! Imagine the results when 3 doses are given AND given in combination with chemo!!!

    2) Provenge extends life an average of 4 months, is difficult to administer, and will cost Medicare $93,000. Yet it was approved!! And for just 4 extra months of life!! Listeria based vaccines are easy to produce, easy to administer, potentially very efficacious, and will cost Medicare 15x (at least) less for reimbursement.

    3) Drugs fail to be FDA approved because they are dangerous. We know 72 patients...sick patients... have received the vaccine and no serious side effects were experienced.

    4) Provenge is a one trick pony. There are NINE Listeria constructs and who knows how many more cancers this can be applied to? The possibilities are literally infinite. Insert any antigen you desire. The vector (Listeria) will work the same way and elicit the same immune response. This could prove disasterous however if the technology DOESN'T work since one construct will give a glimpse into all the others. Please see point 1 for hints that it DOES work.

    5) ADXS management is brilliant. They have a phase 2 going on in CIN (pre-cervical cancer) AND Stage 4b cervical cancer. If it works in both, chances are this vaccine will be approved for ALL stages of cervical cancer. Provenge is only approved for late stage/metastatic prostate cancer.

    6) ADXS has collaborative agreements with NCI, CRUK, Dept of Homeland Security, Wister, etc. NCI and CRUK are running trials at their OWN EXPENSE. Organizations of this caliber do not associate with POS companies.

    7) Veterinary applications. If this thing ONLY works in cattle to prevent hoof and mouth disease we are looking at a $10 stock. Forget humans. There are millions of cattle worldwide and they are a commodity. Let's not forget about canine osteosarcoma as well.

    8) A lesson in pattern recognition. DNDN went as high as $54 and was the first immunotherapy approved. How high will the next approved immunotherapy go? No telling how high ADXS goes with 9 constructs and limitless constructs in the future. Imagine the kind of profit you can make by buying in NOW! And trust me... the cost effectiveness of Listeria based vaccines is a HUGE issue. Let's say ADXS vaccines extend life of prostate cancer patients 3 months and Provenge extends it 4 months. Guess which one will be reimbursed by Medicare. NOT Provenge. Why? Because 1 month of life is not worth an extra $90,000 to the government.

    9) Great business model. ADXS has never had a problem raising money. There is minimal dilution. And guess what? They have enough to make it to the end of phase 2. Forget phase 3. After good phase 2 results they license out the technology and collect big time!! Why is this good? Because it means the share price will move FAST and you won't have to wait very long before you are a millionaire.

    10) Advaxis has the only immunotherapy that downregulates T-regs. These T-reg cells help protect the tumor from immune attack. No other immune therapy dose this. And this is a big reason why Advaxis vaccines will work.

    Keep this post at the top for newbies and feel free to add.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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