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  • eiretekk eiretekk Feb 6, 2013 9:39 AM Flag

    I wonder why Elan sold out for so little?

    Is Tysabri really only worth this much?

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    • elan made brilliant move:firstly,biogen's other ms drugs are useless( look at increase of avonex revenue-1-2% a year,which means that they are loosing money considering all related costs, not to mention that drug hardlly helps;same applies for teva's copaxone- i know people in usa and israel who take copaxone for years with no improvment).oral drug they wanna launch is known as less effective with serious side effects, just like nvs's ones.elan got money upfront which will take biogen to return at least decade( we count net profit from sales).plus elan will get annual royalties equal the amount if they,not biogen,own tysabri 100%.Martin is elan should buy 1000, $1mln worth each,apartments in Manhattan as an investment and still have couple bln for drug discovery and forming valuable partnerships.
      p.s.those co-called anal---s are just miserable arrogant pigs.

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      • Elan made a terrible mistake with this deal, and Biogen is the clear winner here. Look at the stock prices of each! Elan is now an empty shell of a company with no products of their own. When interviewed about the deal, and asked where Elan will go from here, Martin said, in sort, he didn't know. A CEO saying he doesn't know where his company will be going is a very scary thing!

        We all know BG-12 will be the next MS blockbuster due to be approved by the end of March. ed_streltsov, I don't know where you're getting your information but all studies have shown so far that BG-12 will be more efficacious and safer than any other MS drug on the market today. So, this will leave Biogen with full control of Tysabri, Avonex and BG-12, completely taking control of the MS market. Elan will be left with nothing as Martin continues to squander cash on jet rides around the world, supporting his other business.

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      • Forget the analysts. The market is trouncing Elan for another terrible deal, a bargain basement sale of by far the best MS drug on the market. Is it any wonder Biogen is soaring today and Elan is cratering? Biogen, instead of paying $10B for Elan, has secured Elan's only remaining asset for $3.25B upfront and some royalty which is structured to pay very little unless Tysabri becomes a maga-blockbuster. In other words Biogen has side-stepped the risk associated with Tysabri not becoming a much bigger blockbuster while still gambling on this potential.
        This deal is a huge win for Biogen and an admission of failure by Elan.

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