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  • mysteriousoracle mysteriousoracle Apr 4, 2013 2:10 PM Flag

    Kaiser infomed me (Patient) they won't pick up TecFidera for 2 years!!

    I'm tired of taking Avonex! The flu like symptoms knock me out an entire day! Yet here's a GREAT new drug called Tecfidera (BG-12) with fewer side-effects and about 20% more protection than Avonex, according to Biogen Active Source representatives. Tecfidera gives multiple sclerosis patients like me a "Better Quality of Life" by giving me back one of 7 days in the week back to me where I can be productive. "I WANT THE PILL DAMMIT!" So why won't Kaiser and other insurance companies pick up the new drug?? For starters, Kaiser informed me that it's too experimental and they want to make sure it's safe. My rebuttal is that the FDA would not have approved it if it were not safe after studies in clinical trials. Secondly, Avonex works so why go to a newer more costly alternative? My rebuttal is that it gives a better quality of life. So is this more about money than safety? Because from what I gather, the pills work and are the best thing on the market for MS patients. So we have to pay out of pocket to get the new drug or what? I'm not very happy from what doctors and insurance companies are telling me. I don't want to wait a long drawn out two years to get the new meds. And how is this problem going to effect Biogen stock price?? Once shareholders realize the delay in Rx's I'm sure shareholders will suffer also as the stock falls lower. It's not that the patients won't take the drug, the insurance companies won't and refuse to give it to us. I'm OUTRAGED!! Soon when shareholders realize the lack of earnings, we will be outraged also with lower stock prices!!

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    • I would not touch Biogen as an experienced long-term investor because they had deaths with Tysabri after it was first FDA approved many years back, and the stock lost half it's value in a single day. The FDA gave it's approval on that one also, so the unknown is definitely too risky. I'm a buyer of PFIZER because cancer drugs have more promise, and it's a more established company that even pays dividends. PLUS, PFE is a 15 PE with a so called blockbuster drug, while BIIB has a PE of more than 35, twice of PFE. You'll make more money at less risk with cheaper stocks with the same potential. There are many more people with cancer than MS, just remember that.

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      • Dimethyl Fumarate (aka Tecfidera) has an extremely long safety history. Add in the superior efficacy, and you have a recipe for a drug that will blow away most estimates. I said this before, and the recent prescription information is evidence that I was right. It's foolish to pay attention to the current price to earnings, since no sales of Tecfidera have been realized yet.

    • While I don't doubt that your insurance company is giving you the runaround your argument, that your experience will be universal and that stock price is going to fall because of it seems completely without any facts. (other than your one experience)

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      • I can't speak for others, but this is my experience. I'm sure Kaiser has set policies across the board. Regardless that a drug is FDA approved, Kaiser does not pick up new drugs on their "Formulary" until it's on the market for a certain amount of time until they feel it's safe. Considering that the Novartis pill killed 11 people, makes them even more cautious on MS drugs. These deaths came about after the drug was on the market. This is what I'm being told. Call Kaiser pharmacy and ask them yourself if they, as an organization, are picking up the new drug. This will be your fact in itself. Under PPO, you will pay your fair share for the drug based upon a financial application made with Biogen. This could cost the patient plenty out of pocket. FACT!!

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    • I call BS on this story!!

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