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  • kopach kopach May 17, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

    Time to sell everything go short big time.

    These markets and world wide are so over priced on all hope only games. Investors chasing yield and just day trading games. At these levels shorting far exceeds and long term gains. One massive daily pryamid game.

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    • There is definitely characteristics of a pyramid scheme. However, a true pyramid scheme is one where you are buying into something that doesn't exist, i.e Ponzi. Many have left the craziness of internet stocks that had more promises and debt than profit. Biotechs that actually have multi billion dollar sales make more investment sense. Google and Apple are just way too high for many. Plus, the ease of online trading is another factor. Then you have the fact of more printed money due to all those bail outs. If anything, money itself is the true illusion. The world is trillions in debt and just printing more to create the illusion of worth and the whole world just agrees to continue on despite that fact. So the "high" prices in many stocks are more a reflection of the higher quantity of money available whether it be digital or paper rather than any real positive mathematical value. The U.S dollar is negative 17 trillion and counting. Yet I can still go to McDonalds and buy a meal. Who cares?

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    • biib is way overbought. most drugs/biotech are.

    • BIIB's up to 232. How are those shorts doing?

    • Too strong to short, selling off for nice profit not a bad idea though, but no way would I be shorting this one.

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    • You should re-name yourself chicken little because you keep posting that the sky is falling. They say that a broken clock is right twice a day but you're nowhere near as accurate.

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      • BIIB still has lots of upside with three drugs now in line for FDA approval. Those who short this stock are asking for a whole lot of financial loss--you have way more to lose by shorting than by investing even at these levels. I can see a 50 point gain by the end of the year so IMO its not to late to get in.

        PML is under control with the test to detect JCV. Remember anyone who is positive for JCV should think twice about ANY--I will say it again-- ANY immune suppressor not just the ones made by BIIB. Oral drugs are what people want and BIIB's oral drug sales in on month have exceeded the #$%$ Novartis put on the market in a year.

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