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  • srcornelius49 srcornelius49 May 28, 2013 9:13 AM Flag


    More people will be going off tysabri all the time. The risk factor of getting PML after being of Tysabri over 4 years is too high of risk for people to stay on Tysabri. Read the new tysabri label with the new warnings.Trust me I have because I have been on Tysabri over 4 years, and postive JC virus, so I am going off it along with many other people. It was taken off the market once, and will again.

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    • The risk reward factor is oveerwhemingly in favor of the majority of MSers to remain or to commence with Tysabri. Your opinion is jaded by your greed since you have no doubt shorted this stock. You are a loser and will remain so until you study the science,

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      • I do not own this stock, never have and never will, You can callme a loser if you want. I just know I have MS test JC virus positive and my doctor advised me to go off Tysabri just as alot of doctors are doing. So unless you have MS and have been on Tysabri then you are certainly out of line calling me greedy and a loser. It is evident to me you do not know about what you call science. You are a idiot

    • Wrong answer. I've been on TY since Dec 2006. JC virus blood test taken every 6 months. Ty is still the best MS drug on the market.

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    • Cornelius...

      I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to say, but most people on Tysabri are JC negative, meaning the risk of PML is extremely low. Some people who are JC + are taking Tysabri anyway, because it works so darn well, and they feel the reward outweighs the risk. JC+ patients should not be on Tysabri for longer than 2 years, because that seems to be the point where the risk of PML increases considerably. None of this is new information. The only thing that is now different is that those leaving Tysabri are most likely going to Tecfidera, since it's the second most effective MS drug and much safer.

      But what you also have to remember is that Tysabri is still the most effective treatment, and with patients and Neurologists becoming increasingly more educated on the risk factors of PML, those patients who are low risk will continue to consider Tysabri, especially as their MS progresses while on alternative drugs. As an MS patient, you may have gone through the same stages of coping that other MS patients have gone through. Many patients begin with denial..."it was only one attack...maybe there won't be another...maybe my disease will be much milder than others...why should I subject myself to a potentially dangerous drug when my disease might not be aggressive," etc.... But as their disease progresses, these patients are increasingly more willing to try more effective drugs, even if it means accepting a lower safety profile, and the fact still remains that nothing is more effective today than Tysabri.

    • You are inncorrect. The number of people going on Tysabri is going up . The JC virus test means that the risk of a reaction can be reduced so Tysabri will not be pulled from the market. You are letting your personal opinion blind you to the truth.

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