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  • Longhauler2007 Longhauler2007 Feb 4, 1999 1:27 PM Flag

    Zero notes

    Can anyone explain why issuing zero convertible notes is a good thing when you could sell more shares to raise cash vs incurring debt?

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    • My guess is that the market is not favorable for
      secondary offerings. I have noticed in various press
      releases that biotech companies are trying to be creative
      when trying to raise capital.
      The plus to this
      scenario is that the interest which is owed can be
      expensed every year even though it isn't paid until the
      notes are due at some future time. So I guess this help
      the bottom line (Profit figure).

      shares would lower the earning per share figure if
      everything stayed the same. But I think their drug is really
      going to take off. I read an article that appeared in
      the newly released issue of the Journal of
      Oncology(January 99). They just completed a study using the IDEC
      antibody in combination with chemotherapy. The got an
      overall response rate of nearly 100%. 55% of the patients
      experienced complete remissions while 40% experienced
      experienced partial remissions. This is better than the
      antibody therapy alone. Just wait until the Oncologist
      start using this new treatment. It going to start
      selling like water.

    • Now, can anyone tell me when Rituxan gained FDA
      approval and when it was first available to

      I'm going somewhere with this, so please bear with
      me. I'll fill you in later - as I gain more knowledge
      about this drug and the company.

      I saw on
      Comapny Sleuth where IDECPHARM.COM was registered to IDPH
      so I'm going out to the net to see is they have a
      homepage where I can gather some of this information

      In the meantime, thanks to those of you who
      respond... SD

    • It must just be used for email addresses and such?

      Any ideas as to where I can find out more about Rituxan on the web? Thanks.

    • From the BobLLL archives...

      Company Press
      First New Drug for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Decade
      Receives FDA Clearance for Marketing
      First U.S.
      Monoclonal Antibody for Therapeutic Use in Cancer
      HealthWire)-- Nov. 26, 1997--IDEC Pharmaceuticals Corporation
      (NASDAQ:IDPH - news) and Genentech, Inc. (NYSE:GNE - news)
      today announced that RITUXAN(TM) (Rituximab) has been
      cleared for marketing by the U.S. Food and Drug
      Administration (FDA). Rituxan, previously know as the C2B8
      antibody, is a single-agent monoclonal antibody therapy for
      the treatment of relapsed or refractory low-grade or
      follicular, CD20-positive B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

      . . .
      It is expected to be commercially
      available for use within approximately three weeks.
      . .

      I don't remember if
      this press release was on the exact day of FDA
      approval, but very close. Actually the FDA essentially
      approved it a couple months earlier, as to medical
      criteria, but full approval was delayed until some
      manufacturing issues were resolved to FDA approval.

      bear in mind that most HMO and insurance companies
      have their own procedures for deciding what they will
      pay for. I check with my own very large HMO and was
      told this process takes 3 to 6 months after FDA
      approval. A persistant patient could bypass the procedure
      and get it sooner, but they would have to be, well,

      I mention all this as it affected early
      sales numbers, since I don't know "where you are going
      with this." Do let us know.


    • I don't think IDEC has a webpage. Considerable
      info is available on the Genentech webpage,
      particularly the "full prescribing information", aka the
      "package insert" that comes with the product at the

      Of course, that is medical information. Details on
      chemistry, how it works (to the extent they know),
      indications, warnings, adverse events, etc. What information
      are you looking for?

    • IDEC does have a web page. Bob: I can't believe you missed that one! :-)

    • I believe that IDEC and/or Genentech started shipping Rituxan to clinicians in Dec. of 1997. I'm not absolutely certain about that, but I know it was very soon following approval.

    • And here I thought he wanted IDEC Pharmaceuticals.

    • They met or came close to the goal mentioned in
      the press release, of shipping within 3 weeks of
      approval. I didn't happen to have kept a copy of that
      announcement, but like you I remember seeing it.

    • IDEC Corporation manufactures products that
      simplify interaction between humans and machines.

      With a comprehensive line of products, from relays and
      switches to sensors and micro PLCs, IDEC provides critical
      solutions for industrial equipment manufacturers as well as
      advanced technical applications.

      From its
      international headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, IDEC has
      served customers throughout the world for over 23 years.

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