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  • ziggybe ziggybe Feb 29, 2000 1:38 PM Flag

    sold at 141 too soon

    back in wednesday

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    • This is how I see it with the help of a stoc
      split newsletter that I take. IDPH will announce a
      stock split in April as they move towards earnings (or
      a board meeting, I can't remember which). As we
      approach that date everyone will be piling into IDPH for
      the pre-slpit run, and on the announcement it will
      have a huge run, pullback make another run until the
      stock actually splits.

      When the stock splits,
      many biotechs like HGSI abd CRA just kept on moving
      higher. And what will be great is that after the split,
      you will have double the profit because you now have
      double the shares.

      I know, I know. I don't want
      to hear the bullshit about stock splits don't add
      value to a stock. But believe me, I play splits a lot.
      A pre-split run is taking place, don't miss

      April, bet on it. If not sooner.


    • Don't get me wrong - I like a rising stock price
      as much as anyone. But IDPH's management has
      consistently made decisions to forego short term, transient
      gains in stock price to build long term business for
      the company. They have not been an acquirer of other
      companies, but have developed their own compounds or made
      licensing deals in the past. A few companies have been able
      to grow like gangbusters by skillful acquisition -
      CSCO is absolutely the most notable example of this -
      but it takes a much more activist management style
      than IDPH's executives have exhibited in the past.
      Folks on this board may care about momentum investors,
      and I am absolutely happy to have several on board -
      the more the merrier! But I seriously doubt that IDPH
      management cares about what the momentum crowd thinks at
      all. And that's OK too, as long as they continue to
      make good business decisions, which is what counts
      most for all of us in the long run. If there is
      continued rapid improvement in Rituxan earnings and a
      couple of other hits in the pipeline, the splits will
      take care of themselves over the next few years.

    • this year, the stock would be at 222. The stock has to rise 51% from its current price to keep up with the $BTK.

      A split makes sense here.

    • Many biotechs are rising much faster than IDPH.
      Their stock prices are currencies that they can use to
      acquire new companies and new talent. IDPH must do its
      share to keep pace with them. And a split will provide
      new momentum and allow IDPH's stock price to increase

      When IDPH was setting its high around the middle of
      January, many biotechs (for example, DNA, MEDI, IMNX and
      the list is long) were 20 to 30% lower than their
      current prices. If the performance of IDPH relative to
      other biotechs continues to deteriorate, then we may
      see some momentum investors bailing out of IDPH
      causing a further decrease in its stock price. I know
      momentum investors are a mixed blessing but I would rather
      have them working for me than against me.

      So I
      hope that management is planning a split for IDPH
      soon. Contrary viewpoints are welcome.

    • I had 4500 shares at an average price of $3.25 and sold at $15.

308.17+1.32(+0.43%)Aug 26 4:00 PMEDT