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  • pretendericu pretendericu Mar 19, 2010 3:38 PM Flag

    will se what the short count is today that will tell the tale

    this is a planned take down I say

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    • what a joke--very sad

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      • Well folks, it is a somewhat demoralizing day here. I cannot say Im not dissapointed. I have tried to keep the most positive approach with respect to this stock and now I am as confused as anyone. I am not a pumper, I just thought the Col. had it put together and I have been supportive. I suspect he is as disappointed as anyone today. I can understand why nervous investors are sellng.

        We are really in a vacuum with respect to Iraq, the election effect and what is going down out there.I suspect we are in for delays and must await further updates from DFSH. I can tell you I am dissapointed in the short run but have not sold out and I do expect some business of substance in the weeks to come. Yeah, I know, you've heard that before.

        Delays are hard to swallow after waiting for good news for so long...which, I must admit, I was expecting. I hope Dom is wrong in thinkng that SAK will get all the deals as surely there is some respect for what the Col. and DFSH has done over the last several years in working to gain a foothold in the trade brokerage sector over there. Let's face it, there are a huge nimber of trade contracts being doen. Surely one compay is not privy to them all, regardless of politics.

        The Col. has certainly paid his dues and all the preliminary paperwork is supposedly done and awaits the final signing. Surely all that has not been a waste of time and surely it can not just be discarded.

        We have no idea what is happening on the market trading side, what the shorts know or don't know...whether this has been a planned take down or just fear induced. Te funds are the power behind most stock now and they call the shots. Retailers get sucked into the undertow.

        One would think Seabreeze did not get involved without cause...but then again they could be making profit on their trades...and proabably are well above water now.

        All we can do is wait for credible reports from the Col., Pres. of the company now. If DFSH is being held in limbo by the elections, maybe the Col. should be up front about it. I really think its tme for him to ge sharehlders an informative update if there is now contract news.

        For all we know the stock could be setting upo for a big run...who the H knows anymore...after all it has now taken a big dump. If there is a plan to demoralize honest investors,and suck out their hard earned dollars, it has seemingly been successful as of today.

        Whoever the shorts are, they are opening the bubbly tonight.

        Next week and on, the story continues. The ony sort-of positive thing I can relay is that you haven't lost if you haven't sold.

        Not much consolation, but trying to be optimistic here without being disingenuine.

    • So are you saying that if this was heavily shorted today that was a good thing or a bad thing?