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  • recipsaw recipsaw Mar 26, 2013 6:04 PM Flag

    What happened?

    Just noticed ... Someone bought 1/4 million shares today.

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    • Recip, you have posted alot before about the col, and knowing him and how hard he's working, etc etc. Are you being sarcastic with the "what happened" question? Obviously if something happened, you would know, right? So since you haven't updated us in a while, what are your thoughts?

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      • Not being sarcastic at all. It is my understanding that the Col. is still going for the brass ring, so to speak. This guy has never quit... absolutely amazing really. He is and always has been laser focused on his objectives of one or more oil contracts, military equipment contracts and to a much lesser degree, the security contracts... he is all in all the time ... and going for it. It has never been the Col. I worried about, it has been the amazingly complex and frustrating process of dealing with so many political, social, moral and economic hurdles in Iraq and elsewhere... not that it's any different in good old North America where the banks are taking over the whole ball of wax and soon your pensions and deposits, in a very discrete way.

        I can see why anyone with a brain would shun this stock with derision because in 99% of similar pink sheet wonders, the word 'scam' comes up in neon. This is the most unusual 'adventure' I have ever followed ... since 2009. On the other hand, given the vagaries of the totally corrupt, managed and intervened markets, DFSH is as good a bet as much else out there .. and I kid you not. Look folks, we are all gambilng now. When Goldmans Sachs says 'buy', that means they are shorting the dam thing. When the whole system depends on more debt to pay off the unpayable debt, then start to steal saver's deposits to save their rear ends, we had better pay attention. You will see it here begining with forbiddance of moving money out of the country, withdrawal limits, wage and price controls, inflation, huge unemployment, confiscation of gold and much more.

        What I'm saying is that I would rather trust the Col. than Bernanke, the Fed., Wall St., predatory banks the 'owned' media, politicians etc. They steal from us and we have no control . It is totally our decisison to buy DFSH or not. I figure a few bucks put into a 'DFSH' is high risk ... but if the col. makes it ... the return is worth the four year wait... not overnight.