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Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd. Message Board

  • reeve Jun 1, 2008 11:55 AM Flag

    Better cover shorts....

    This is the the largest and only real non-government shipping Company in China this will grow huge....We will be at $50 by September, if projections continiue as is, their 62% growth is a very compelling story//////

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    • We need someone from Wal*Mart or Target to tell us what they think. If either of them deal with Sino that would be a good sign. this is clearly a play on who you know not what you know including how to grease the skids.

      Watching but don't whether this is a strong buy or a soft sell.

    • reeve Jun 1, 2008 5:07 PM Flag

      A relative that works at Himelsein Mandel (a hedge fund) said that their fund alone already shorted at least 500,000 shares of SINO this past week....I bet there are counterfeit shares already being shorted with only 1.2 million afloat, I'm sure the short ratio far exceeds the shares a float at this point....

      The stock was building momentum and hit 27.49 then the shorts took over and for no good reason the pps has declined 40%...That is way too extreme. IMHO the shorts will get majorly burned very soon.

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      • I find that hard to believe that a hedge fund, not even well-known, will short almost a third of the total float of SINO. That is so far out left field I am not even sure why I am replying. SINO will rebound but I doubt a single hedge fund can have that much influence on the stock.

      • The COMPANY itself sells its SHARES for less that 8 bucks a share.... CRAZIES buy it up to 27+ and you are saying there is NO GOOD REASON why the shares are down 40%???

        There was NO good reason for the shares to be even at 15!!

        Thats why its dropping... and should KEEP dropping .. there may be a few pops along the way... but this stock should settle below 8 for a while

    • 62% gain in revs... yet LOSING MORE MONEY...

      Not purty... might as well just shut down... you will not lose any more money

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      • They are definitely seeing increase cost to revenues, but I feel this will settle out. There are additional costs here based on the companies recent addition of ships and ports they operate with. With the recent IPO offering the revenues from stock sales alone should change much of this picture.

        in other words it looks to me like the recent change in profit % can be attributed to the companies recent growth spurt.

        With the Chinses economy growing exponentially, and revenue opportunity growing exponentially with it, SINO America should be able to reel in the recent cost increases and grow the profit margin.

        I don't think that will take long, but if they show increased costs of revenue that eats inot profit margin over the 1st couple of quarters then I will be more concerned.

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