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  • laurabojkui laurabojkui Dec 26, 2008 3:39 PM Flag

    Do you feel Dumb for not buying PLD $3 - $10 range?


    Don't be , there are plenty of other chances:

    TSYS at $8.28

    HSNI at $6.19

    LIZ at $2.53

    SRZ at $1.77

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Misread information. My apologies.

    • Two business commentators were critical of the stock this weekend however.

    • It's a shame to say this...but welcome to the USSA (United Socialist State of America)!

      Accountability really does not pay in this system...not when you have a treasury who's printing press is running wild. It's the old Roman axiom when the emperors continued to clip their coins -- once the masses figure out that they can vote themselves the treasury (w/the accomplice bankers of course), the imperical mindset becomes the rule of the day. Inflating money and bankers have always gone hand-in-hand. It's called fractional reserve banking. Unfortunately, all of this sad reality will cumulate in the the total debasement and destruction of our currency.

    • you might want to add SUTR at $ about an incredible story and earnings...I think the grew earnings by 265% last quarter, they have five patents on their processing technology and they just tripled their plant production capacity and their trailing earnings are like $.98 a share...they are sitting on tons of cash and 92% of their business is in China and their plans are to go global....whadda company! do your own DD and good luck!

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      • The only problem is that the odds of a trade war with China have been steadily increasing from the time the Dems took over the House a few years back and more now that Obama and still more Dems are in the House and Senate.

        Mexico just retaliated, and Canada is upset.

        I watch China closely, and they keep preparing more and more for war. Obama and the Dems are for cutting the military 25%.

        Rather than invest "directly" in China, I'd study Mandarin for when they take over. Many are. A lot of schools in the U.S. have done away with the Romanic languages and replaced them with Mandarin. I know a teacher of Spanish, Italian, and German, who's unemployed, because demand for those languages is down.

        China will take over U.S. investments in China as a first step. I'm glad PLD is out of China. It gives PLD Investors more time than those of other U.S. companies there.

    • SRZ is worth a look as a three year bet. No dividend for a good while and lots of refinancing to do. Good brand name is the reason to take a flyer.

      But this is the PLD board....perhaps they provide warehousing to Liz Clairborne but unless thats the reason for posting we could do without.

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