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  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 28, 2009 8:08 AM Flag

    Something I noticed about a yr ago.

    Here is one of the craziest plays I have ever made. I absolutely believe MIR is the most undervalued stk on the mkt. But when you look at the options board and see all those calls. I think there is a good chance the MM will have it back to around $15. by options expiration. Last mth there was more puts than calls. About a wk before option expirations I bought 4k shrs with the belief he would drive it back up to 17.50 to knock out the puts. And he did. I usually keep a pretty big long position on MIR. I cashed everything and have now bought 20, $20. puts....I know what that MM can do. Qtr before last, I was sitting on over 600 calls. when they reported earnings. I went up over $100k in one day when they reported. Hell I was sure it would go up anouther $2. and I would make anouther $200.K....BS, by options expiration the following Fri. He drove it down $2. I did sell enough to make a little money. But got most of them stuck up my arse...But, I have become a big believer, in trying to figure out, where the MM can make the most money off those options. And there is really no way you can tell, exactly where he is positioned...Good luck///

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