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  • wdp_atkinson wdp_atkinson Jun 3, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    #$%$ is Wrong With This Stock?

    Hanging in for the dividend has cost me 12000 dollars! I will only receive 2710 dollars for the dividend.I just don't understand why this stock just keeps dropping?

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    • The price came back over 3% today on June 4th. I was advised to sell right away this week by a friend. Glad I decided to hold out on selling as I had faith in the stock. Good luck to all. wdp I hope you are glad also.

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    • EFC is 57% institution and mutual fund owned. They don't panic and sell. What happens is the thugs on wall street start selling a few shares until EFC starts falling. Then all the sell stops start hitting and all of a sudden the bottom falls out. After the thugs shear the sheep they start buying at a much reduced price. Nothing we can do about it but hold on and not panic especially if we believe the divi is safe..

    • EFC gets lumped in with the mreits which have been under pressure. However EFC is not highly leveraged as many mreits are, and EFC does hedge its exposure. With Vranos in the drivers seat, I'm pretty comfortable that they are well positioned to take advantage of the recent volatility.

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    • All the so-called mREITS are in the doldrums right now. I saw the same thing happen back in November of 12. EFC is suffering along with other quality high yield stocks. I am not happy about my small position since I am a sell in May and go away kind of guy. I only have 500 shares and am going to add 1500 if this goes down to $22.00. Look at the P/E and long term value; in addition, were you angry about that eoy special dividend?? Selling right now is your decision but I have seen these fire sales too many times to panic.

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      • Finally a little bit of sanity on this message board. I don't think I want to hang around for 22 though with other fish to fry, but the dividend here will keep my car payment happy for a couple of months, which is not all bad. Good luck and thanks for the information and advice. Good trading!!

      • I agree with Joey. After living through this in November, I've come to the conclusion the mreits go through a six month cycle-unfortunately. And wdp, we're all in the same situation, some with more exposure, some with less. With no appreciation you'll be even in about 18 mo.-and you have to think long term, almost as if this were a bond. I'm hanging in there-capitulation has to be close and I don't want to lock in my losses by selling.

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