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  • wdp_atkinson wdp_atkinson Jun 17, 2013 2:32 PM Flag

    This Stock has Turned into Absolute Garbage

    Wish I never got sucked in by the dividend.Can't even move up on an up day!! ( Trash)

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    • I mean no disrespect here Mr Atkinson but the mREIT stocks are complicated; well, first of all EFC is NOT a mREIT but a LLC to be correct. Anyway, when Ben Bernake takes a dump and says "Gee, I guess I don't need as much tissue to wipe myself the sector goes crazy. Do some research, the same thing happened in November of 12 and retail investors fled while insiders and the hedgies were picking up some nice bargains. If you are looking for a totally safe investment e-mail me and I will give you the name of my bank where they are paying .005% on there money market accounts. I wish you well my friend but maybe you need to realize that this is a volatile market due to the FED; perhaps you need to buy utilities. Don't get me wrong, I am glad I sold almost everything back in May but I held onto EFC; a lot of people who are crying forget that nice distribution management handed out earlier this year.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • You don't even know what an up day is. lol. Take a good look buddy. What is AGNC doing? What is NLY doing? Those are leaders in the MREIT space. You bought an MREIT. Who do you think it follows? Are you delusional? EFC has the most non agency of the mreits.. so it is positive today. MTGE got lucky too because its hybrid... TWO is a hybrid but they are still richly valued so thus they got hit anyways. EFC does not follow the equity markets neither do the other mreits. The sell off has to do with agency mbs getting flushed down the toliet.. ie interest rates going up.

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