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  • residentalert residentalert Sep 17, 2010 10:20 AM Flag

    Understanding Clinical Trials--Panelists needed to read

    Cancer in rats is Pre-phase 1. Then there is phase 1 to establish dosage in humans!! Of course, there is phase II/III.
    "In Phase IV trials, post marketing studies delineate additional information including the drug's risks, benefits, and optimal use."


    - I quit a PhD program because there were too many morons complaining that there was nobody left in science who was innovative--all the while advocating conformity through every aspect of education/publication/research. This is what happened at the review yesterday, plus ego. Scientist are educated but when there is an "unknown" the old adage that scientists have no "street smarts" comes into play. If these people haven't been taught what to say and do they freeze. Most of the panelists who were outspoken and became involved in the discussion (from what I saw) voted "yes". The others voted "no" because they were confused and thought others were going to vote "no".
    --The comment that heart VP wasn't a concern but method was questioned was naive and ignorant given the setting/context. It sparked a lengthy debate that had no merit. It was the WRONG time/place to debate the principle of practice, and was ego ("I could have done it better"). Arena should have shut down the discussion immediately by stating,
    "you are correct, big pat on the back, let's move on".
    The higher I went in science the more I became dissapointed by the arrogance and lack of intelligence. These people are NOT as special as they think! They are mostly priveleged people who got an education. They fall into the 80% statistical grouping for intelligence. Eighty percent of the population could achieve the same education given the same opportunity.

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