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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Jun 15, 2012 6:16 AM Flag

    Dems must be DUMB by birthright

    Obama Milhaus and dems still out there blaming Bush for bad and economy because as they say 'it's working.' Now lets put things into perspective Obama Milhaus has already spent $5.4 trillion under the dem Pelosi Congress and the massive healthcare Obama Care welfare bill is yet to kick in 2012. Add to that 100 years of primary dem party control handing us EVERY failed system and entitlement of today and BINGO there's the real cause: 1913 dem Wilson Federal Rerserve Bank CREATURE debt leveraging our currency to current zero intrinsic value, 1933 dem FDR failed SS ponzi, 1964 dem LBJ failed Medicare ponzi + failed Great Society welfare machine and now Obama under Pelosi dem Congress with conspiracy of dem Harry Reid in the Senate $5.4 trillion of new debt (more than both Bush terms combined) in less than 4 years. See hod DUMB lame stream media relies upon dems to be an quite effectively and simply at that.

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    • Blame whoever you want but fact is USA financially failed Fall 2008 when the Great Recession took effect and not since then. The debt Obama and US middle class have taken on was to keep this once great country from going bankrupt. Clinton left America in pretty good shape looking back to 2000, and the 2nd Iraq war starting in 2003 was a huge mistake as US forces uncovered zero WMD's as promised by GW Bush. Also US corporations went overseas hiring in record numbers while receiving tax breaks as Americans lost both their jobs and homes as housing market collapsed by 2007 and 2008.

      If Barack Obama had run as Republican in 2008 the other candidate would have easily won in a landslide. It's the GOP that's seriously broken in a 21st century world imo and this is #1 reason why Americans will re-elect Obama.

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      • Wow your stupidity is amazing. The so called Clinton surplus was under a Republican Newt lead Congress and every grade schooler knows Congress controls the purse strings. Just as the massive $5.4 trillion in new debt under Obama with the healtchare welfare bill yet to kick in was under the Pelosi dem Congress. It is pathetically naive to say such stupid things when the facts are so clear that the Obama $5.4 trillion thus far is more than both Bush terms combined. Wow you take the cake for ignorance and that is why we are here suffering the woes of 100 years of primary dem party failed control.

    • The housing bubble developed and burst under Bush.

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      • Wow you folks live in a vacuum. Simply ignoring all facts is exactly how you put us here in this quagmire with a community orgaznizer as POTUS. Just because another dem party program happened to fall under a republican President does not mean that President is to blame. Take SS/Medicare and the Federal Reserve Bank. All of those were signed into law by dems and all of those are the very programs being discussed so much today as entitlements and systems about to take us under yet all you dems can say is Bush...Come on get your eyes focused so this mess created by democrats mostly can be truly fixed. I want to be rich like Romney although he pales in comparison to George Soros who gives $$$ millions if not $$$ billions to dem coffers yet nary a word is mentioned by you and the dem controlled media. That is how truly phony you are. As Trump said recently in a joking manner Romney is a small business guy compared to him, Soros, Wynn...etc Personally I want to be rich like Romney and not living in some socialized dem mecca where everyone must 'share' as Obama says yet he, the Clintons and all such elitist will stay elite as we foot the bill. No thanks I want to be like Romney.

      • or both?

      • the housing problem was clinton,dont blame bush'clinton also signed the let everyone take their businesses overseas,3 days before he left office

      • More specifically, under a majority Democrat controlled congress which is responsible for the fiscal meltdown. Bush and others tried but your leftard leaders aka barney frank, reid, pelosi, refused to get a handle on it. But you are an oblunder worshiper so I don't expect you to have any handle on reality. Bush may have done a lot of stupid things fiscally, but the housing bubble and collapse is owned by the dimocrats.

    • It strikes me as pretty stupid to make a statement that ALL of anything are the same? Except maybe ALL ignorant people. GL Mike

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